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Pharmaceutical e-commerce will usher in a policy dividend that is expected to exceed market expectations

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According to the Shanghai Securities News, the country will introduce the latest policy on Internet drug sales by the end of this year. According to informed sources, the policy is more powerful and has many bright spots, which is expected to exceed market expectations. Among them, “can be commissioned by third-party distribution”, “single pharmacies can apply for online transactions”, “some prescription drugs can be traded online”, etc. It was commented by industry associations as "open minds and proper measures."


It is reported that the State Food and Drug Administration is currently working on the development of the first batch of online drug listings. The online sales of prescription drug opinions has been completed on June 28, and the online prescription of basic prescription drugs is almost inevitable. Chronic diseases and common diseases are expected to taste "head soup".


In the case of substantial progress in online sales policies such as prescription drugs, pharmaceutical e-commerce will be able to replicate the growth curve of e-commerce in other commodity sectors. The data shows that in 2013, the scale of China's pharmaceutical B2C was only about 4 billion yuan, and the scale was still less than 1% of China's pharmaceutical circulation market. In mature markets such as the US, pharmaceutical network sales account for nearly 30% of the overall drug retail sales.


Against the background of the increasingly strong expectations of Internet drug sales policies, listed pharmaceutical companies have already sniffed business opportunities, and the enthusiasm for intervening in pharmaceutical e-commerce is increasing. On August 29 this year, Yiling Pharmaceutical announced its entry into the e-commerce field in Beijing. Shao Qing, the former executive director of Jingdong Medical City, was hired as the general manager of the e-commerce business unit of Yiling Health City. It is reported that Yiling Health City will be a "health product supply chain" with the physical pharmacy of Yiling Pharmaceutical and the Yiling Hospital of Hebei. The management of Yabao Pharmaceutical [0.21% fund research report] told the Shanghai Securities Journal reporter that the sales of the network was inevitable. The chairman of the company personally took the lead and participated in the training course on Internet medicine sales held in Beijing. At present, the company has made various preparations for online sales, and has completed the development of related drugs, health products and their production lines.


According to industry analysts, with the introduction of policies, there may be three major changes in China's pharmaceutical e-commerce industry in the future: First, the industry will obtain more than 200 companies to obtain drug transaction qualification certificates; secondly, the industry will enter the reshuffle period, there will be 3 or 4 The old online pharmacies fell down; finally, pharmaceutical manufacturers will gradually become the dominant force behind the pharmaceutical e-commerce, and some manufacturers will go to the front.


All parties are waiting for the Internet to sell prescription drugs policies as soon as possible. It is widely expected that online pharmacies will be expected to hit the market of prescription drugs of around 300 billion in the annual sales volume of trillions of drugs. However, the specific share depends on the degree of policy liberalization.