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Ginseng Logistics enters the era of professional e-commerce

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The newspaper reported on November 7 (Reporter Wang Zhongxian) at 8 o'clock this morning, the "Ginseng Mall", the Jilin Province ginseng electronic trading platform located in Tonghua City, the hometown of Chinese ginseng, was officially launched. On the day of operation, the first half of the mall registered 55 shops, more than 1,000 kinds of ginseng and ginseng products on-line trading, opened a new era of professional e-commerce in the province's characteristic ginseng industry.


According to reports, “Jishen Mall” is invested and constructed by Jilin Province Ginseng Electronic Trading Platform Co., Ltd. It is the first online transaction in the province with the integration of ginseng electronic trading, ginseng financing, ginseng quality traceability and ginseng big data mining. platform. The operation of “Jishen Mall” is aimed at relying on the industry's characteristic ginseng industry resources to establish an industry portal based on the national and global ginseng industry, providing customers with a one-stop service that is fair, just, open, efficient and satisfactory. The ginseng electronic trading platform will be supported by standardized trading, settlement, logistics and supervision systems. It will use the various modern trading functions such as auction trading, listing trading and spot trading to realize the three functions of spot trade, commodity investment and price formation. The ginseng industry provides a low-cost, low-link, high-efficiency all-industry chain trading system.


It is understood that the Jilin Province Ginseng Electronic Trading Platform plans to invest a total of 2 billion yuan in three phases. The first phase will invest 500 million yuan to build an e-commerce platform, a ginseng culture exhibition hall, an electronic trading hall, an electronic auction hall, etc.; the second phase will invest 1 billion yuan to build ginseng cold chain logistics, people to participate in factories, ginseng product inspection and testing centers, etc.; The third phase of investment is 500 million yuan, building quality tracking and traceability system and data analysis system. After the completion of all the projects, it is estimated that the annual transaction volume will be 20 billion yuan, directly increasing employment by more than 8,000 people.