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Implementation Opinions of Jilin Provincial People's Government on Accelerating the Development of Pharmaceutical Health Pillar

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The municipal (state) people's government, the Changbai Mountain Administrative Committee, the county (city) people's governments, the provincial government departments and offices, and the directly affiliated institutions:


The medical and health industry is a strategic emerging industry characterized by high-tech content and rigid demand. It is mainly divided into modern Chinese medicine, chemical medicine, biological medicine, bio-health materials and health food, medical equipment, pharmaceutical testing instruments and equipment, and pharmaceutical business. With eight subdivisions of circulation, medical and health services, the coverage is wide, the industry chain is long, and the market space and development prospects are very broad. In order to implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the Third Plenary Session of the 10th Provincial Party Committee, the medical and health industry will be accelerated to become a new pillar industry in our province. The following implementation opinions are proposed:


I. Development ideas and goals

(1) Development ideas.

Adhere to the overall requirements of "innovation-driven, characteristic development, overall planning, optimization and upgrading", highlighting scientific and technological innovation to support industrial development, and taking "adjusting structure, transferring methods, and promoting upgrading" as the guide, strengthening enterprise technology problems and transforming scientific and technological achievements, technology The key achievements of the research results are to transform the pilot results, transform the pilot test results into industrialization, and strengthen the construction of the “One District, One Base” dual-core development zone of Tonghua National Pharmaceutical High-tech Industrial Development Zone and Changchun National Bio-industrial Base, and actively support The development of “six characteristic industrial bases (parks)” in Meihekou, Dunhua, Liaoyuan, Baishan, Jilin and Siping focuses on strengthening the “three leading sectors” of modern Chinese medicine, chemical medicines and biopharmaceuticals, and actively expanding bio-health materials and health care. The “Five Potentials” of food, medical equipment, pharmaceutical testing instruments and equipment, pharmaceutical business and circulation, medical health and services will strive to build the pharmaceutical health industry into a new pillar industry in our province by 2017.


(2) Development goals.

By 2017, the province's medical and health industry innovation system will be further improved, and the innovation capability and level will be greatly improved; the pharmaceutical health product manufacturing industry and service industry will promote each other, and the industrial structure will become more reasonable; the backbone enterprises will significantly enhance their competitiveness and the industrial agglomeration level will be greatly improved. The development environment has been further improved, and it has become an industrial development area with obvious competitive advantages in China; the medical and health industry realized an added value of 93 billion yuan, accounting for more than 5% of the province's GDP (according to the 8% growth rate), becoming the new province of our province. Pillar industry.


specific goals:

1. The scale of the industry has further expanded. By 2017, the province's pharmaceutical health industry will reach an economic scale of 420 billion yuan.


2. Acquire a number of breakthrough technologies and achievements. We have made major technological breakthroughs and mastered 40 key core technologies of the industry; 50 new varieties of research and development and transformation of medicines (30 clinical approvals for new drugs, 20 new drug certificates) and 100 high value-added health foods.


3. Support a number of major achievements transformation and industrialization projects. Support 500 major scientific and technological achievements pilot-scale transformation projects; support 400 major industrialization projects with an investment of more than 30 million yuan and reach production as soon as possible.


4. Cultivate a group of key enterprises and several industrial clusters. Support 40 large-scale key enterprises with strong core competitiveness and leading industries; cultivate 30 major varieties with sales value exceeding 1 billion yuan; and build 6-8 characteristic industrial clusters.


5. Health service capabilities and levels have increased significantly. We will build a health service system that covers the whole life cycle, rich in content, reasonable structure, dynamic, distinctive features, and shared between urban and rural areas, and basically meets the health service needs of the people.


Second, focus on promoting work

(1) Strengthening the modern Chinese medicine industry. Based on the advantages and industrial base of Chinese herbal medicine resources in Changbai Mountain, we will continue to enhance the advantages and high-end breakthroughs, actively promote the extraction and separation of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines, and focus on supporting the creation of new drugs and the secondary development of large-scale Chinese medicines, strengthening the standardized production of Chinese herbal medicines, and accelerating modern Chinese medicine. Optimization and upgrading of the industry. By 2017, the modern Chinese medicine industry will achieve a sales value of 258 billion yuan.


Promote the focus:

1. Extraction and deep development of active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines. Based on Changbai Mountain ginseng, sika deer, Schisandra and other traditional Chinese medicines, the focus is on macromolecules such as polysaccharides, proteins and peptides, as well as the extraction and separation of small molecule active ingredients such as saponins, flavonoids, oligosaccharides and alkaloids. Accelerate the development of products such as extracts and decoction pieces. Strengthen the development and industrialization of deep processing products such as formula pellets, bio-based food additives, bio-based cosmetics and detergents, and replace chemical-based products with bio-based products.


2. Creation of new Chinese medicine. Based on the Chinese herbal medicines of Changbai Mountain, the screening and creation of drug candidates are highlighted. Focusing on the development of in-hospital preparations and famous Chinese medicine practitioners, the company will give priority to the development of monomeric Chinese medicines and Chinese medicines, and accelerate the creation and incubation of new medicines.


3. Secondary development and industrialization of large-scale Chinese patent medicines. Focusing on major process improvement, pharmacodynamic substance basis, quality standard, pharmacodynamic mechanism, clinical re-evaluation and pharmacoeconomics, etc., vigorously promote the secondary development of large-scale Chinese patent medicines such as lung granules and tannin tablets and famous Chinese patent medicines. And industrialization, improve product quality and core competitiveness.


4. Breeding and demonstration of Chinese herbal medicines. Strengthen the research on the breeding of fine varieties of Chinese herbal medicines, establish a demonstration base for the production of improved varieties, and improve the coverage of the varieties of Chinese herbal medicines.


5. Large-scale cultivation (culture) and development of large varieties of Chinese medicinal materials such as ginseng and sika deer. Focus on five varieties of Chinese medicinal materials such as ginseng, American ginseng, sika deer, Rana sylvestris and Schisandra, and improve the standardization, scale and industrialization of planting


6. The census and standard establishment of Chinese herbal medicine resources. Actively promote the general survey and dynamic monitoring of Chinese herbal medicine resources in the province, carry out in-depth basic research on Chinese herbal medicines, strengthen the construction of the standard system of authentic Chinese medicines, and promote the protection and development of Chinese herbal medicines. (slightly)


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