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Baishan City promotes the development of ginseng industry

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The ginseng industry is a pillar industry that strengthens the city and enriches the people, and is a supporting industry for green transformation and development. As the core production area of ​​Jilin ginseng and the famous "hometown of ginseng" in the city, this year will grab the ginseng industry and be listed as a favorable opportunity for the country to focus on cultivating and developing alternative industries, build a green transformation pillar, and continue to do a good job in the three major parks. With the construction of four major bases and five major centers, the output value of the city's ginseng industry will strive to achieve 24 billion yuan, an increase of 26%.


In accordance with the moderate development of forest ginseng, steady development of non-forest ginseng, and vigorous development of forest ginseng, the city will strengthen the safety, base and standardization of ginseng production. The city's ginseng GAP production area is stable at 20 million square meters. The lower part of the forest has grown to 550,000 mu, and the non-forest land has grown to 6 million square meters. Adhere to the promotion of large-scale and external training, guide large and medium-sized enterprises to gather in the park, accelerate the strategic cooperation with enterprise groups such as Evergrande Ginseng, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, and Amendment Pharmaceuticals, plan and promote a number of ginseng industrial construction projects, and build Ginseng High-tech Park.


Implementation of the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand strategy, in-depth development of ginseng drugs, food, health products, cosmetics, animal feed additives and other products, continue to extend the industrial chain, increase added value and conversion rate. Accelerate the promotion of the construction of a national key professional market in the province of Wanliang ginseng market, and strive to build Wanliang Ginseng New City. Actively promote the construction of the national Changbai Mountain Ginseng foreign trade transformation and upgrading demonstration base, improve the traceability system of ginseng circulation, and strive to build Baishan into a national ginseng product trading platform with complete industrial system, significant economic benefits and profound cultural influence, and a world ginseng distribution center.