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Ginseng e-commerce products develop to high-end

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On large-scale e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Taobao and SF Express, ginseng has become another consumer trend. Nowadays, ginseng is not limited to the medicinal field. As a food, ginseng products include fresh ginseng, ginseng tea, ginseng slices, ginseng ginseng, ginseng wine, ginseng drink, ginseng soup and ginseng essential oil. The author understands that in early 2015, high-end products such as ginseng cream once again refreshed the sales of ginseng.


First, just need to add special needs, buy ginseng has "li" and "face"

What is the popularity of ginseng sales? The author understands that due to the intensive holidays during this period, coupled with the cold winter temperatures, people's demand for progress has also increased, so sales have increased significantly compared to usual. At the same time, the author can easily find that whether it is an organic ginseng gift box, an organic red ginseng gift box or a tea gift box, the consumer groups are loyal to their parents or buy gifts to relatives and friends, leading the majority, because the gift box is beautifully packaged, cost-effective, as Christmas, New Year's Day The gift reserve of the Spring Festival, or the company will issue it as employee benefits. For consumers who do have tonic demand, exquisite packaging is not so important. Natural, non-polluting, and significant product characteristics are the best choice for consumers, including 100% additive-free and preservative-free. The sales of ginseng cream is the most popular.


Second, a wide range of applications, creating high-end ginseng product demand

The initial cultivation and processing technology of ginseng products is relatively simple, and the sales channels are limited to the pharmaceutical industry. With the provisions of the “New Resource Food Management Measures” promulgated in 2012, ginseng was approved as a new resource food. Ginseng, which enters the food field, not only achieves a comprehensive upgrade and expansion of the traditional small market for medicines and health care products, but also as a market for high-end gifts and advanced nutritional products. The rise of e-commerce marketing in various industries in China, the ginseng industry has also introduced a two-pronged online and offline marketing model, and consumers are more convenient to purchase high-end ginseng products.


As one of the high-quality ingredients, ginseng has entered the food market of beverages, teas, alcohol, soups and so on. More and more consumers are recognized for the health and deliciousness of these advanced ingredients. When consumers buy ginseng products, they don't simply look at the place of production, but also pay more attention to brand influence and quality. Like: plus an organic ginseng and other well-known ginseng brands, has established a high-end ginseng logo brand.


With the development and innovation of technology, the variety of high-end products of ginseng is continuously enriched. Today's ginseng varieties are not only common ginseng wine, ginseng powder, capsules on the market, but have developed hundreds of products such as beverages, biscuits, candy, tea, instant noodles, jams, and honey. It is also used in other ways such as cosmetics. It is not difficult to see that with the improvement of people's requirements for gifts and food quality, the market space for high-end ginseng products is becoming wider.


Third, the awareness of health care is enhanced, and the market space for high-end ginseng products is expanded.

According to the latest report released by the Boston Consulting Group BCG, "China's health care consumer goods market will exceed 400 billion yuan by 2020", Chinese consumers are increasingly self-healing and health care, and are willing to pay to buy health care products. China's health care products market will grow at an annual rate of 11%. The report, "From Insight to Action: The Nuggets China Healthcare Consumer Goods Market," pointed out that Chinese consumers are leading the world in health awareness.


The BCG Consumer Insight Think Tank CCCI surveyed 2,600 Chinese middle class and affluent consumers aged 18 to 65 who came from all types of large, medium and small cities in China. The survey results show that as the health awareness of the whole people increases and the awareness of health care increases, the health awareness of Chinese consumers is increasing. They purchase various products to treat common discomfort, improve energy and enhance immunity. According to the report, China's health care products market was around 110 billion yuan last year, and this number will continue to grow at an annual rate of 11%. In 2020, the market share will reach 400 billion yuan.


In the past, ginseng films and other products have been unable to meet the ever-increasing health needs of consumers. The “Healthy Ginseng Cream” series, which is exclusively introduced by organic ginseng, is completely made of ginseng, without adding any additives and preservatives. obvious. Therefore, although the price is much higher than that of ordinary ginseng products, consumers still order for relatives and friends. It can be seen that high-end ginseng products are expanding with the enhancement of health awareness, and their market is completely created by the subjective needs of consumers, and the development potential is enormous.


With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of ginseng has gradually moved toward ordinary people. From the past, it has only been used as a gift until now as a daily health product. Therefore, the rapid development of e-commerce not only brings convenience to consumers, but also brings more opportunities to businesses.