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Fusong County Ginseng Industry Science and Technology Innovation

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Fusong County pays attention to the development of traditional ginseng industry and continuously develops new technologies to seek new breakthroughs. The county ginseng research institute has made positive contributions to the development of ginseng cultivation technology, ecological protection, service enterprises and agriculture.


Increase the research and development of new technologies, and scientific and technological innovation is fruitful. In order to ensure the "King of Herbs" king style, and constantly improve its production and quality, in recent years, Fusong County Ginseng Research Institute hosted and participated in the "Cuibei prevention and treatment of ginseng spot disease test report", "can be strong in ginseng application More than 10 research topics, such as the test summary, effectively controlled the large-scale occurrence of pests and diseases in the ginseng planting plots in the region, and improved the yield and quality of ginseng. From 2005 to 2006, he won the second prize of "Jilin Agricultural Technology Promotion Award" in "Application and Promotion of Plasma Technology in Ginseng Seedlings"; the biological control technology of American ginseng and ginseng root disease won the second prize of "Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences"; In 2009, Fusong ginseng local variety "Fuxing No. 01" breeding project won the "Jilin Province Workers Excellent Technology Innovation Achievements" certificate, and the pollution-free ginseng standardization demonstration zone project (2008) was awarded the "National Agricultural Standardization Demonstration Zone Acceptance" certificate. The pollution-free blueberry cultivation standardization demonstration zone project (2011) was awarded the “National Agricultural Standardization Demonstration Zone Acceptance Certificate”.


In order to solve the contradiction of forestry ginseng, change the traditional pattern of stalking and ginseng in China, and maintain the ecological balance, since 2011, Fusong County Ginseng Research Institute has carried out the construction of non-forest land ginseng standardization base for four consecutive years, with a total of 2089.9 mu. The promotion scope of non-forest land transplanting technology has been radiated to surrounding areas such as Antu and Dunhua. The project “Construction of Non-forest Land Planting Provincial Demonstration Base” was accepted by the provincial expert group in 2013. In 2014, the project of “National Demonstration Base Construction of Non-forest Land” was successfully submitted by the County Association for Science and Technology and awaiting acceptance. In addition, according to the regional characteristics of Changbai Mountain, the “Non-forest land technical operation rules” Jilin Province local standards were formulated, which further promoted the promotion process of non-forest land planting techniques.


Strengthen the construction of the Linshen base and deepen the research on the quality system. Actively strengthen the construction of the Linxia ginseng planting base and carry out the research on the quality system of the forest ginseng. The project “Research on the quality system of Fusong forest ginseng” was formulated and identified as provincial scientific and technological achievements by the Science and Technology Department of Jilin Province. At the same time, based on the technical research of the Institute of Special Products of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the research on the quality difference and pharmacological rationality of ginseng under the forest. At present, the project “Quality Comparison Key Research and Standard Formulation of Linxia Mountain Ginseng and Garden Ginseng” has been established in the Provincial Science and Technology Department.


Strengthen brand building and create local “fist” products. Continuously strengthen the breeding of new varieties of ginseng. At present, two new varieties have passed the appraisal. According to the local characteristics of Changbai Mountain, cooperate with Jilin Agricultural University, Institute of Special Products of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Medicinal Plants of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Shenwang Zhibao Co., Ltd., etc., in Fusong local breeds of big horse buds and two horse buds. On the basis of many years of systematic breeding, the new ginseng variety “Fuxing No.1” and “Fuxing No.2” suitable for cultivation in Changbai Mountain were selected and approved in 2010 and 2014 respectively, which were confirmed as scientific and technological achievements of Jilin Province. It fills the gap in Fusong's new varieties of ginseng.


In order to transform scientific and technological achievements into productivity in a timely manner, Fusong County Ginseng Research Institute actively serves enterprises, serves the majority of farmers, and serves the ginseng industry, and has established a complete technical service system. Using technical training, technology collection, technical consultation, short-term service, field guidance and other means, serving enterprises and farmers, providing a strong guarantee for enterprise development and farmers to get rich, has been well received by farmers.