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National Conference on Chinese Medicine Development discusses the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine

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The 17th Academic Seminar of the National Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine Development (Pearl River Conference) with the theme of “The 13th Five-Year Plan for the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine” was held in Guangzhou from March 19th to 20th.


The Science and Technology Department of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine reported on the “13th Five-Year Plan” national key R&D plan – the promotion of Chinese medicine modernization (significant disease prevention and control) project, and the representatives represented the country in the reform of the science and technology system, especially in the countries with central financial support. In the process of implementing the science and technology plan, how to condense the major needs of the Chinese medicine field, make recommendations, combine the characteristics and laws of traditional Chinese medicine to do top-level design, and propose an integrated organizational implementation idea.


Cao Hongxin, director of the Science and Technology Department of the Bureau, believes that in the national key R&D technology reform, TCM should aim at the national strategic needs, and should be based on the goal of serving “healthy China”, innovation-driven development, and maintaining the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine is the key. It is also necessary to reflect the collaborative innovation of Chinese medicine as the main body, combine the development of traditional Chinese medicine with collaborative innovation, and effectively use scientific methodology.


Li Zhenji, vice chairman and secretary general of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, emphasized the combination of innovation chain and industrial chain. It is necessary to grasp the productization of scientific research results, and the results should be expressed in the form of products.


Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chen Kezhen, Chen Kaixian, Director of the Bureau of Planning, Su Gangqiang, and Executive Vice President of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Liu Baoyan and other experts and scholars attended and spoke.