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Chinese medicine will enter Russia, Chinese farmers will plant Chinese herbal medicines in Russia

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Beijing, China, May 21st news The reporter learned from the Sino-Russian Chinese Medicine International Cooperation News Conference held recently that as a “One Belt, One Road” and a key project for Chinese medicine to go out, Chinese medicine will take the lead in entering the Russian market. In 2015, 100 Chinese medicine pilot enterprises will enter the Russian market. It is particularly worth mentioning that according to the plan, Chinese farmers will go abroad to plant Chinese herbal medicines in Russia.


It is understood that in 2015, 50 Chinese medicine manufacturers, 50 Chinese medicine (technical) equipment manufacturers, 50 Chinese medicine hospitals or Chinese and Western medicine cooperative hospitals will be selected as the first pilot units in Russia. In addition to pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, one of the highlights of this Chinese medicine into Russia is that Chinese farmers will be able to grow Chinese herbal medicines in Russia. Experts said that in the first quarter of the year, the cost of planting in Russia will be lower than that in China. This will help farmers increase production and income, and it will also be an important part of China's agricultural development.


In order to regulate the entry of Chinese medicine into the Russian market, China and Russia will jointly build a platform for mutual trust and strict control of scientific control. Relevant Russian departments set up relevant institutions in Russia to conduct tests and certifications on Chinese medicine products imported from China on behalf of the Russian government. They are responsible for approving health care product numbers, food numbers, additive numbers, drug numbers (including clinical), etc. Access to TCM clinics and facilities; responsible for training and handling of long-term work visas for all relevant personnel in China, including Chinese doctors, Chinese pharmacists, related medical technicians, equipment maintenance personnel, etc.; Approval and access to Jianzhong hospital and pharmaceutical factory projects. The appraisal committee of the Russian State Duma Health Committee stated that it will further develop and improve the relevant laws supporting China's traditional Chinese medicine to enter Russia, and decided to communicate and confirm with the central government and relevant ministries and agencies in the near future.


In order to make Chinese traditional Chinese medicine scientifically, orderly and standardized into Russia, according to the guiding opinions of Russia and China, China-Russia Trading Co., Ltd. is authorized as the Chinese partner institution, and the China Traditional Chinese Medicine International Center is the executive body, which is solely responsible for Chinese medicine. Product organization, recommendation, approval and promotion. Russia is China's big country with the Belt and Road North Line connecting Europe and Asia. Chinese medicine has taken the lead in Russia and will play a huge role in promoting cooperation among countries along the route. It is also promoting the Central, Southern and SCO countries of the Belt and Road. Play a demonstration role.



Russia spans two continents of Europe and Asia and covers more than one-eighth of the earth's land with a population of 143 million. According to the statistics of the Russian State Duma related professional institutions, nearly one-third of the Russian people hope that Chinese medicine will pass the relevant institutions to let the Russian people feel the magic of Chinese medicine, and help the Russian government launch the national health plan in 2015. In order to strengthen the promotion of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine products, the Russian national TV station will arrange a 30-minute weekly broadcast of the Russian-Chinese bilingual program "Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine", focusing on Chinese famous enterprises, famous medicines, famous doctors, famous hospitals, and also in Russian magazines and websites. Promote and promote the Chinese people in order to let more Russian people understand the profoundness of Chinese medicine.


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From May 8 to 10, 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Great Patriotic War in Moscow and visited Russia. During the visit, the two countries signed a number of cooperation documents in the fields of energy, transportation, aerospace and finance, which became a hot topic of concern to the Russian media. Local public opinion generally believes that the scope of cooperation involved in this visit is extensive and the promotion of cooperation is stronger, which indicates that Sino-Russian pragmatic cooperation has entered the fast lane. The Chinese medicine, which is marked by health, has become the focus of the Russian Ministry of Health. On the eve of President Xi Jinping's visit to Russia, on April 26th, the Russian Medical Rehabilitation Center of the Russian Ministry of Health and the Traditional Medical Research Institute of the SCO Business Council, the SCO's Industrial Music Department, and Beijing Guosheng Huaqiang International Resources Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Russia. Under the witness of the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a working record in support of promotion and joint organization and implementation of Chinese medicine into the Russian market and comprehensive cooperation was signed in Russia.