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Jilin: The output value of Chinese herbal medicine industry exceeds 39.7 billion yuan

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Recently, it was learned from the Jilin Provincial Government that the economic scale of the pharmaceutical health industry in the province reached 323.03 billion yuan in 2014. Among them, the Chinese herbal medicine planting and primary processing industry realized an output value of 39.71 billion yuan, accounting for more than 12% of the pharmaceutical health industry economy.


In 2014, Jilin Province accelerated the transformation and upgrading of large-scale Chinese herbal medicine industry such as ginseng. The province launched the fifth batch of “Technology Ginseng Project” project and promoted the brand construction of “Changbai Mountain Ginseng”. It has identified 27 brands of 92 production enterprises. 20 standardized production demonstration bases, 6 improved breeding bases and 8 non-forest ground test demonstration bases were completed; the construction of Chinese herbal medicine circulation traceability system based on Changbai Mountain ginseng trading market in Wanliang Town, Fusong County was completed.


In promoting the development of the sika deer industry, the province actively strives to issue a notice from the State Food and Drug Administration to allow the cultivation of sika deer and its products as raw materials for health food. At the same time, it invested 6.37 million yuan in science and technology, and supported 14 sika deer intensive processing and product development projects. We invested 8 million yuan in special funds and supported 20 projects around the breeding of improved varieties and standardized farming. The project of the two sika deer academicians stationed in Siping City and Dongfeng County of Liaoyuan City was launched.


In the promotion of health food development, the number of health foods has increased significantly. In 2014, the province invested 17.3 million yuan in health food development, supported 44 health food research and development projects, and newly obtained 38 approved health food batch numbers, exceeding the total number of batches in the previous 3 years. Since 2010, the accumulated investment has been 97.71 million yuan, 235 projects have been supported, and 81 batches of health food products have been obtained. It is expected that by 2017, the province's health food batch number will double on the existing basis.


It is reported that at the end of 2014, the Jilin Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government issued the “Implementation Opinions of the Jilin Provincial People's Government on Accelerating the Promotion of the Pillar Industry of Medicine and Health”, redefining the scope of the pharmaceutical and health industry, and ranking modern Chinese medicine as the first of the eight major sectors of the pharmaceutical and health industry. It will strengthen the modern Chinese medicine industry as the first task of the eight key tasks to promote the development of the pharmaceutical health industry. It is required to accelerate the industrialization of large varieties of Chinese herbal medicines and continuously expand the scale of Chinese herbal medicine industry. Continue to increase the investment in science and technology of the Chinese herbal medicine industry. Continuously promote and improve the construction of the standardization system for Chinese herbal medicines. Accelerate the construction of traceability system for Chinese herbal medicines.