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The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine established the first batch of 17 special programs for international co

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The first batch of special projects for the cooperation of Chinese medicine international cooperation held recently held the overall design ideas and the next work requirements of the special cooperation of Chinese medicine international cooperation, and announced the list of selected institutions and selected projects for the international cooperation of Chinese medicine in 2015.


It is understood that this 17 international cooperation projects, including the China-US Center for Chinese Medicine Cancer Cooperation, China-Malavi Artemisinin Anti-malaria Center, China-Central and Eastern Europe Chinese Medicine Medical Training Center. The scope of support covers the construction of the “One Belt and One Road” overseas Chinese medicine center, the internationalization of Chinese medicine health service industry, the international communication of Chinese medicine culture, and the construction of the international market standardization system for Chinese medicine products, covering 23 units.


Wang Guoqiang, director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that the establishment and implementation of the special international cooperation project is the general trend of TCM in response to the current new historical opportunity period, and is an important way to further promote the international exchange and cooperation of Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has become an important part of China's implementation of the “Belt and Road” national diplomatic strategy. All units must firmly believe in the motherland's medicine, but also recognize that Chinese medicine “going out” is still difficult, and it is necessary to keep a clear head and be prepared. Go out with purpose and strategy.