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Actively develop new business forms of Chinese medicine health services

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On July 18th, the third session of the Yellow Forum was held in Beijing with the theme of “Implementing National Strategy and Developing Health Services”. At the meeting, Ma Jianzhong, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and vice chairman of the Chinese Medicine Association, pointed out that it is necessary to actively develop new forms of Chinese medicine health services, encourage the use of new technologies such as cloud computing and big data, and promote the management and brand of Chinese medicine industry. Organizational and business model innovation.


Ma Jianzhong said that Chinese medicine plays an important role in the development of health services. On the one hand, Chinese medicine involves a long industrial chain and has great potential in promoting employment and expanding domestic demand. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine has rich original thinking, medical practice and profound mass foundation. It contains great potential for innovation and the ability to combine innovation and practice. It summarizes the experience of using traditional Chinese medicine and uses modern technology to improve Chinese medicine. Creation and innovation can promote the development of Chinese medicine itself and enhance the scientific and technological competitiveness of China's medical and health fields. It is an important part of implementing the innovation-driven development strategy.


In response to the development of the Chinese medicine health service industry, Ma Jianzhong said that it is necessary to speed up the construction of a Chinese medicine health service system, accelerate the development of socially-run Chinese medicine, establish and improve the Chinese medicine health service system, and encourage Chinese medicine clinics and Chinese medicine clinics that only provide traditional Chinese medicine services. To encourage the development of traditional Chinese medicine centralized service areas with relatively concentrated settings and strong cultural characteristics; to jointly introduce relevant documents to promote the combination of medical and elderly care services, and to carry out pilot experiments on the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and old-age services to accelerate Chinese medicine The development of health care services will jointly promote the development of key areas of China's traditional Chinese medicine service trade, key enterprises (institutions), and strengthen the top-level design of Chinese medicine service trade development.


Ma Jianzhong further emphasized that it is necessary to speed up the development of the support system for Chinese medicine health services, support the establishment of a synergy innovation platform for Chinese medicine, a technology innovation platform, a transformation platform for results, and gradually promote the major scientific research infrastructure of Chinese medicine, large-scale scientific research instruments and patent basic information resources to the society. Open, accelerate the design of R&D and service projects for TCM health service technology products, promote supply and demand docking, accelerate the pace of transfer of results, support the establishment of TCM health service industry organizations, and play industry organizations in industry consultation, standards development, industry self-discipline, talents The role of training and third-party evaluation; to transform government functions, strengthen supervision, optimize services, strengthen government responsibilities, adhere to statutory responsibilities must be, law is not authorized, and play a decisive role in the allocation of resources in the market, implement well Entrepreneurial innovation and clearing the various policies and measures to establish a sound Chinese medicine regulatory mechanism, speed up the revision of Chinese medicine health service standards and standards, strengthen the management of the matter and post-supervision, severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations, and maintain a fair competition. surroundings.


At the opening ceremony, the Chinese Medicine Association officially announced the "Decision on the Establishment of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine". The chairman of the Academic Committee was Zhang Boli, and the deputy directors were Wang Chen, Wang Qi, Sun Guangrong, Wu Yiling, Chen Kaixian, Yan Enxiang. Serve as. The committee aims to promote the inheritance, innovation and development of Chinese medicine academics and improve the quality and level of academic activities.


Wang Chunfa, member of the Party Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology, secretary of the Secretariat, and Zou Dating, director of the National Science and Technology Awards Office, delivered an important speech at the meeting. Experts from the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Boli and other experts made a report at the main forum.