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Science and technology entrepreneurs' actions boost the benign development of Chinese herbal medicine industry

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This year, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "Notice on Implementing the Action Deployment of Science and Technology Entrepreneurs". It is worth noting that in the special action of the Chinese medicine big health industry in the field of social development, the Chinese herbal medicine planting service and entrepreneurship will be launched, and the "Internet +" Chinese medicine industry will be launched. Entrepreneurship, Chinese medicine health product entrepreneurship, and Chinese medicine industry park cluster entrepreneurship. The "Notice" conveys the confidence and hope of the state for the sustainable and healthy development of the Chinese medicine big health industry chain. Let us explain the meaning of this together.


Technology talent is the key

"Science and technology are the primary productive forces" This is the idea put forward by Comrade Deng Xiaoping, the chief architect of China's reform and opening up. Production development requires strong support from science and technology, and the core subject of mastering science and technology is people. Therefore, scientific and technological talents are the key factors driving the development of the industry. Advanced scientific planting techniques, advanced Internet operation ideas and circulation models, and scientific development plans will all be promoted and realized through scientific and technological talents in all links. The participants in the source of the Chinese herbal medicine industry chain are the majority of farmers. Their general cultural water products are low, lacking scientific development concepts, and there is a large risk of blind production. In the past, many Chinese herbal medicines such as Taizishen, Ginseng, and Sanqi were stimulated by high prices for a time. Farmers quickly planted them on a large scale, which eventually led to overcapacity and the market plummeted. If there is a guidance from the Chinese herbal medicine planting service team to develop production, from the selection of varieties, the combination of production models to avoid and reduce risks, there may be fewer people who suffer losses on the economic level.


"Internet +" has become a bright spot in the Chinese medicine industry

Nowadays, the Internet age has deeply affected people's lives. The phrase "people do at home and collect the world's goods" is the most vivid image of the Internet. It is not only convenient, but also unlimited business opportunities. Countless industry chains.


The state carries out the "Internet +" Chinese medicine industry entrepreneurial action, the purpose is to encourage and support scientific and technical personnel to create more Internet service platforms, so as to gather more social quality resources to serve the Chinese medicine industry. Its connotation can cover professional technology, online transactions, circulation inspection, legal consulting services and even financial channel support. The industry's excellent traditional Chinese medicine vertical e-commerce platform, such as Chinese herbal medicines, has been committed to providing guaranteed, quality, and honest Chinese herbal medicines online and offline trading services. Now it is about to launch the “Chinese herbal medicine circulation standard” with industry influence. It has injected new vitality into the development of the Chinese medicine industry, and has also become a model for the "Internet +" Chinese medicine industry.


Meet the new demands of the times

Traditional Chinese medicine is the crystallization of thousands of years of Chinese children's health and health knowledge. It has penetrated into every aspect of the daily life of the Chinese nation and has become an important part of Chinese culture. In the era of great health, how to make Chinese medicine culture bloom new glory and tap new business opportunities has become the focus of Chinese medicine practitioners. Great health not only includes the diversification of pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, but also extends beyond the pharmaceutical industry to business channels such as Shangchao and other distribution channels and bathhouses. As long as it is good for health, related products and services that help improve physical fitness can be summarized in the scope of great health. To this end, the state proposes to carry out the action of science and technology entrepreneurs in the Chinese medicine big health industry, with the aim of clearly supporting the diversified development of the Chinese medicine big health industry. Under the background of the "new normal" of the Chinese economy proposed by President Xi, the development of the Chinese medicine industry meets the new call for great health needs.