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2017 Purple Xin Pharmaceutical Group Annual Meeting Ceremony

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On January 24, 2017, the annual event of the 2017 Zixin Pharmaceutical Group with the theme of “Dreaming ahead” was held in Changchun Hehui Hall. Guo Chunlin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Guo Chunhui, Director of the Group Company, leaders of various departments of the Changchun Office, leaders of the branches (subsidiaries), and all staff of the Changchun Office attended the ceremony. The annual conference ceremony is both a summary of the past year's work and an expectation for the work of the new year. It is also the family reunion dinner of Zixin. The atmosphere of the site is warm and harmonious.

First, Guo Chunhui, a director of the group company, made a speech. The topic of his speech is "emancipate the mind, update the concept, manage it rigorously, build the team, and strive to build a healthy and ever-growing group." Guo Chunhui mainly mentioned three requirements: First, he must emancipate his mind, update his ideas, and constantly increase his six senses of loyalty, responsibility, efficiency, cost awareness, innovation, and safety awareness. Second, he must be strict in management and implement management improvements. The overall improvement of management standards; Third, we must strengthen the construction of management team, and create an outstanding team of management personnel. Finally, on behalf of the actual controller of the group, Guo Chunhui expressed sincere gratitude to everyone for their hard work over the past year and wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year and a happy family.

Subsequently, the company chairman Guo Chunlin addressed the speech. Guo Chunlin said in his speech that the development history of Zixin Pharmaceutical from scratch, from weak to strong, would be like a few. There are both the hardships of entrepreneurship and the joy of success. When it comes to emotion, he could not help but tear his eyes. The people on the court were also infected by the words of Chairman Guo Chunlin's true feelings. From time to time, thunderous applause erupted.

In the subsequent cultural performances, various departments presented elaborate works. Performances such as sketches, dances, songs, and three-and-a-half sentences made the entire stage shine, and the big draws that were interspersed were even more influential. Laughter, applause and cheers rang through the venue. During this period, the company’s advanced individuals and advanced groups were also honored and rewarded in 2016.

The 2017 Purple Xin Pharmaceutical Group annual meeting ceremony ended in a joyous laughter, which also indicated that Zi Xin had opened a new chapter.