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Director of the symposium discussed: taking advantage of the situation to plan the overall situation of Chinese medicine health

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From October 2013, the State Council issued the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Health Service Industry", and the planning document "Chinese Medicine Health Service Development Plan (2015-2020)", which was implemented in May this year, was released, and the top-level design dividend is being The emerging industry of Chinese medicine health service industry continues to gather the power of policy, capital and technology.


Can the whole industry of Chinese medicine seize this strategic development opportunity and expand the service radius and platform of Chinese medicine? The reporter learned from the symposium of the National Office of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2015 that the administrative departments of traditional Chinese medicine in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are leveraging their efforts on planning, cohesive strength and active layout. The development prospects of the Chinese medicine health service industry are bright.


Concentrate on the strength of all parties to draw the lead

"Health service industry is a whole industry chain service, and can not rely solely on the development of Chinese medicine." Chen Yijiang, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Chinese Medicine Bureau, said that Jiangsu Province is building a full industrial chain platform for the development of Chinese medicine health service industry. Under the leadership of the provincial deputy governor, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Chinese Medicine Bureau jointly led the efforts of the manufacturing industry and the tourism industry to integrate the Chinese medicine health service industry into the province's 13th Five-Year Plan. Get support, get funding, and the talent team will grow stronger.


Zheng Jin, deputy director of the Yunnan Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Chinese Medicine Administration, said that the Chinese medicine health service industry in Yunnan has received great attention from the leaders of the provincial party committee and the provincial government and the relevant departments of the province. The relevant departments expressed their wish to participate in Yunnan traditional Chinese medicine. The strategic layout of the development of the health service industry comes from the initiative and provides assistance and cooperation. At present, the specific implementation plan of the "Planning" has drafted a draft, which will be introduced after further research and improvement.


In Jilin, the pharmaceutical health industry has been identified as the fourth pillar industry. In Fujian, the establishment of Chinese medicine clinics and outpatient departments in the community is no longer restricted by regional health planning.


Attract social capital to leverage the Internet +

The vast blue ocean of Chinese medicine health service industry is also attracting the attention of social forces. “The survey found that social capital and social forces are more motivated.” Su Rongzhen, member of the Party Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Chinese Medicine Administration, explained that the pressure on basic medical services of Chinese medicine institutions at or above the county level is still relatively high. It is unlikely that there will be a lot of energy in the health service industry. "We must not only do it ourselves, but also unite with social capital."


Zheng Jin also deeply felt that "to emancipate the mind, update the concept, and make good use of social resources to do a good job."

In this regard, the pace of Jiangsu Province is very fast. Chen Yijiang said that Jiangsu is actively exploring the combination of medical care and rehabilitation, and has already approved the pilot base of the Ministry of Finance. The hospital is partially funded by the government. The pension and health care part is combined with hospital funding, corporate sponsorship and individual participation. Two brands and one team. Doctors practice more. At the same time, he believes that the "Internet +" should be combined to strengthen the construction of information technology and enable the people to obtain better services with the help of big data.


In Fujian, the mobile Chinese medicine platform has been set up. The next step is to “import the hospital”. The deputy director of the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, Yu Shizhen, said that Fujian is still developing the county-level Chinese medicine chain service, and the county hospital will fry the medicine through logistics. The channel was sent to the villagers.


Standardize the exploration of the development of the escort industry

How to divide medical and health care, and how to establish the access standards for health service industry institutions and personnel is also a question that Chinese medicine administrations are actively thinking about.


Qiu Deliang, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Chinese Medicine Administration, believes that the first is to seize the layout of various associations and associations, and take the lead in coordinating and solving the problems of self-discipline, standards and cooperation with other departments in the development of the industry. Jilin is currently planning to build a Chinese Medicine Health Industry Association.


Yan Shizhen said that Fujian plans to set up a Chinese medicine health service construction base first, and then further promote it after gaining certain experience, and then explore and set standards.


"If you have technical problems, please feel free to ask us." Zhang Boli, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the institute has set up a special agency to study the development of the health service industry, and explore relevant technical standards for treating diseases and health care to guide the health of the industry. development of.


"The development of health service industry is directly related to people's livelihood, and it is related to the adjustment of industrial structure, which is related to technological innovation." Zhang Boli believes that local Chinese medicine administrations should take up the heavy responsibility and seize opportunities, which is not only beneficial to the development of Chinese medicine, but also to the health of the whole people and the health of all mankind. It is also significant.