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State Council issued opinions to support the development of Chinese medicine health tourism

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On August 11, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Several Opinions on Further Promoting Tourism Investment and Consumption" to promote tourism investment and consumption, and the development of Chinese medicine tourism was among them. The "Opinions" proposes to actively develop healthy tourism for Chinese medicine, and launch a series of Chinese medicine health tourism demonstration products that focus on the spread of Chinese medicine culture and focus on medical rehabilitation, health care and cultural experience.


The "Opinions" pointed out that the construction of the TCM Health Tourism Industry Demonstration Park in places where conditions permit, promote the deep integration of the Chinese medicine industry and the tourism market, and try first in terms of business innovation, mechanism reform, and cluster development. Standardize the Chinese medicine health tourism market, strengthen the development of industry standards and quality supervision and management. Expand the overseas promotion of Chinese medicine health tourism, promote the international exchange and cooperation of Chinese medicine health tourism, and make the traditional Chinese medicine culture go to the world through tourism.


The Opinions also promotes the combination of health and tourism. The "Opinions" stipulates that by 2020, a number of national characteristic tourist towns and characteristic scenic tourist towns integrating tourism, leisure, vacation, health care and shopping will be built. Encourage social capital to vigorously develop leisure and tourism products such as hot springs, skiing, coastal, island, mountain, and health.