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Advancing the theoretical innovation and development of Chinese medicine, the scientific system seminar was held in Beijing

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Recently, the “Symposium on the Cognitive Model and Influence of Major Scientific Systems in History” was held in Beijing. Zhang Boli, vice president of the Chinese Medicine Association, emphasized in his speech that this meeting is of great significance to promoting the theoretical innovation and development of Chinese medicine. Multicultural collisions and exchanges not only affirm and explore the intrinsic cultural values of different scientific systems, but also contribute to the use of ancient medicines and the traditional medical advantages.

During the meeting, the participating scholars took the premise of different scientific systems formed under the background of multiculturalism, and introduced the cognitive models, evolutions and mutual influences of the main scientific systems in history from the perspectives of science and medicine, macro and micro; Through the dialogue and discussion of many civilizations, such as the East and the West, from the broad perspective of world culture and different scientific systems, the in-depth interpretation of the disciplinary system and cognitive style of Chinese medicine, and explore its historical significance and practical value.