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China's first Chinese herbal medicine e-commerce standard was born

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On August 22, the Ministry of Agriculture's Market and Economic Information Department, the Ministry of Agriculture Information Center, the Chinese Medicine Association, the National Chinese Medicine Logistics Expert Committee, the Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces Professional Committee and other industry leaders and industry experts gathered in Chengdu, attended by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture Organized an expert demonstration meeting on the specification of electronic trading standards for Chinese herbal medicines. After reviewing and appraising by the expert group, it unanimously passed the first “China Medicines E-commerce Standard”. This means that China's agricultural products will take the lead in entering the era of e-commerce quality control 2.0.


Standard grading of medicinal materials by quality

The standard is a major research achievement of “Chinese herbal medicine Tiandi Network” after 10 years of industry accumulation. It is specially developed for the development of e-commerce of Chinese herbal medicine products, and on August 1 this year, the “Chinese medicine material honesty” e-commerce platform under the Tiandi network application. The first batch of applications to be applied included 1,184 sub-commodity specifications including 202 common Chinese herbal medicine varieties. By the end of 2016, it will cover more than 5,000 product specifications of 1,200 commonly used Chinese herbal medicines. The "Chinese herbal medicine honesty" platform strictly follows the standard requirements, and grades the Chinese herbal medicines on the online transaction according to quality, and implements the trading guidelines of high quality and good price. Through modern warehousing, commodity sampling inspection, delivery supervision, margin supervision, credit evaluation, etc., we ensure transparent and fair transactions, and eliminate illegal activities such as shoddy, doping and falsehood.


It is expected to change the "see pricing" mode of Chinese herbal medicines

For a long time, both the supply and demand sides of Chinese herbal medicines rely on the physical characteristics of the shape, color and smell of Chinese herbal medicines to complete the transaction through on-site inspection. The lack of circulation standards has become the main bottleneck for the development of agricultural commodities. The promotion and implementation of this standard will fill the gap in the industry and is expected to change the backward mode of “seeing goods pricing” for Chinese herbal medicines in the past millennium. The participating experts believe that the standard establishes an easy-to-use data identification method for all the parameters that can be expressed by the available data. This is a creative exploration of the digitalization of Chinese herbal medicine quality.


Create an e-commerce quality control 2.0 era

The expert group believes that the standard takes into account the relevant standards of the market and the country, fully reflects the authenticity, and highlights the scientific and feasibility. The promotion and application of "Chinese herbal medicine honesty" to the standard has created the world's first new situation in which the third-party e-commerce platform actively adopted the establishment, guidance and implementation of commodity quality standards to promote the standardized development of the industry market, effectively changing the electronic In the era of business 1.0, the merchants themselves described the shortcomings of the quality of the product specifications, and the agricultural products will take the lead in entering the era of e-commerce quality control 2.0. It plays an important role in promoting the high-quality production of Chinese herbal medicines and promoting the establishment of a healthy market environment that is superior in driving, fair competition and sustainable development.


Established the first English-Chinese herbal medicine e-commerce website

Experts attending the conference believe that with the popularization and promotion of the standard, thousands of Chinese herbal medicines will be introduced into the quality segmentation and the individualized needs of consumers will be accurately connected to fully explore and enhance the market value and brand value of Chinese herbal medicines, and effectively promote farmers. Increase income and open up a model of refined and branded agricultural production. The English website of "Chinese herbal medicine Tiandi network" also launched the standard to overseas users. The English-language website is the world's first foreign-language e-commerce website for Chinese herbal medicines. It will also establish e-commerce websites in Japanese, Korean and Malay.


At the time when the country vigorously promoted the implementation of the "Internet +" strategy, this model took the lead in the Chinese herbal medicine industry, which is the most difficult to establish commodity quality standards. It is a successful exploration of "Internet + Agriculture" in the field of agricultural commodities, which promotes Chinese medicine culture and promotes China's traditional Chinese medicine "going out", mastering the global discourse power of Chinese herbal medicines and promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce of agricultural commodities have important milestones. (China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine reporter Yang Zhiyun)


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Established in 2006, the Chinese herbal medicine Tiandi network has nearly 500,000 members and is the largest comprehensive information service and e-commerce trading platform for Chinese herbal medicines. The first domestic Chinese herbal medicine market price index released in 2010 filled the industry gap and was widely adopted, becoming the vane of the Chinese herbal medicine industry. “Chinese Herbal Medicine Tiandi Net” has obtained the monitoring and early warning platform for Chinese herbal medicine information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the e-commerce demonstration platform of the Ministry of Commerce, the agricultural and rural informationization demonstration platform of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Dynamic Monitoring and Technical Service Center of Chinese Medicine Resources of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association. National title of Chinese herbal medicine information center.