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The Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference held a consultation meeting focusing on "the development of Chinese medic

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  On the afternoon of September 17, the Jilin Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference held a symposium on consultation and consultation. Many members of the Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference and experts and scholars made suggestions on the theme of “accelerating the promotion of the development of Chinese medicine health industry in Jilin Province”. Huang Yanming, chairman of the Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Li Fangsheng of the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zhang Weihan, Director of the Provincial Medical Health Industry Promotion Group Office made relevant reports. Zhu Jianhua, vice chairman of the Jilin Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, made a concluding speech. Bao Wei, secretary general of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting.


  At the symposium, Wang Zhihong, Xiang Ge, Jiang Lihong, Liu Lijuan, Wang Yingping, Yu Wei and Yu Jinghua spoke successively. They deeply analyzed the development of the Chinese medicine health industry in Jilin Province. CPPCC member Wang Zhihong said: "Jilin Province has five major advantages in developing a healthy industry, good geographical advantages, resource advantages, ecological advantages, scientific and educational advantages and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine. It is estimated that by the end of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the health industry will exceed 400 billion yuan. He suggested: to build a "one body two wings" model, with Chinese medicine as the main body; to take education as the first and technology to lead the two wings, to promote the sustainable development of the Chinese medicine health industry in Jilin Province. The province's efforts to create "healthy Jilin" will continue The resource advantage of Jilin Province has become industrial and economic advantages, expanding and deepening the large health industry with Jilin characteristics."


  CPPCC member said: "No matter whether it is drug or health food research and development, production is inseparable from GMP, GLP, pilot plant, security evaluation center and other platforms. These platforms have good or bad, and the level of construction is good or bad. It marks the level and ability of R&D and production as a major province of Chinese medicine. The situation in our province is that the platform capacity, level and technology are not strong, and some management system constraints can not function normally. The only evaluation center It has not yet passed the national review, which has caused the lack of the provincial safety appraisal center. This state can not adapt to the development of Chinese medicine health care products in our province, nor can it guarantee that there are large varieties and good products, and it is impossible to establish a national and international approach. ”


  Jiang Lihong, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, put forward three suggestions on how to better manage health in Jilin and Green Jilin. In order to raise awareness of resource conservation and maintain ecological balance, second, make full use of the advantages of authentic medicinal materials. , do a good job in the secondary development of the variety; third, breeding excellent varieties and expanding the source of medicine."

  Liu Lijuan, chairman of the CPPCC Huaren Education Group, also expressed her opinion: "Increase the development and construction of the Chinese medicine culture industrial park. She believes that the development and construction of the Chinese medicine culture industrial park is in the country to vigorously develop and cultivate strategic emerging industries. Under the background, Jilin Province has the geographical advantage of the development of traditional Chinese medicine, and the Chinese medicine industry will become a strategic emerging industry with good development advantages and broad market prospects in China's national economic and social development."

  As an expert and scholar, Wang Yingping, deputy director of the Institute of Special Products of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, put forward four suggestions: “1. Continue to give full play to the advantages of science and technology support, adhere to the innovative development concept of “having a new student” and “being born out of nothing”; 2. Ensuring resources The advantages continue to develop; 3, give full play to the characteristics of the advantages; 4, multi-party relief policy restrictions."

  Yu Wei, deputy secretary and deputy dean of the School of Pharmacy of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, suggested: "For upstream issues, if you can strictly implement relevant decisions and have the right to do relevant work, I believe that the upstream Chinese medicine resources germplasm related issues will be resolved. The opinion on the creation of traditional Chinese medicine resource products is to formulate the characteristic support policies of Jilin Province, encourage the relevant personnel of pharmaceutical enterprises and university research institutes to carry out research; and to support the improvement of the level of downstream modernization, we must strongly support the specialization of the pharmaceutical industry clusters in our province. It is the construction of Changchun and Tonghua High-tech Economic Zone, integrating the advantages of enterprises to form a joint force, and building a group of pharmaceutical enterprises with leading potential in the process of establishing a standardized and high-quality pharmaceutical industry chain."

  CPPCC member Yu Jinghua believes: "We should further strengthen the supervision of Chinese herbal medicine anti-counterfeiting, regulate the Chinese medicine system, and strengthen the supervision of small Chinese medicine clinics."

  At the meeting, the reporter also learned that over the years, the medical and health industry in Jilin Province has maintained a healthy, sustained and rapid development momentum, and its growth rate ranks first among the key monitoring industries in the province. According to the statistics of the Bureau of Statistics, in 2014, the medical and health industry in Jilin Province achieved an economic scale of 323.03 billion yuan, an added value of 85 billion yuan, accounting for 6.16% of the province's GDP. From January to July 2015, the province's pharmaceutical health industry above designated size achieved a total output value of 106.91 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.5%, accounting for 8% of the province's total industrial output value, 15.5 percentage points higher than the province's above-scale industrial growth rate. The pharmaceutical health industry has developed into a new pillar industry in our province.

  Comrades in charge of the pharmaceutical industry in Jilin Province attended the meeting and exchanged views with the participating comrades.