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Zixin Chuyuan Company Holds 2016 Annual Summary Ceremony

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On January 21, 2017, Zixin Chuyuan held the 2016 Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s summing-up meeting with the theme of “sincerity” in the banquet hall of the Spring Garden Hotel in Yanji City. Chu Yu, the general manager of the company, and leaders of the General Office of Economics and Development, leaders of various departments, and all the staff of the company gathered together to celebrate the company's achievements in the past year and welcomed the arrival of the Spring Festival.

At the summing-up and commendation conference, He Yu, general manager of Elementary Yuan, delivered a warm new year's message to all employees. In his speech, he thanked the company's employees for their hard work over the past year and fully affirmed the achievements made by everyone. He said that the past year was facing a serious and complicated economic situation. Under the leadership of the company’s leadership, the majority of cadres and employees have overcome difficulties and struggled with one heart, one mind and one heart, and worked hard to overcome difficulties and make progress. They successfully completed the whole year. The production task has achieved hard-won development performance. The new year is full of opportunities and hopes. I hope everyone will continue to work harder and further in their work. We will achieve better results in life and beauty in all aspects, and send our best wishes to our staff. .

In 2016, YuanYuan people took profits as the core of the growth of billions of dollars. They were all united in the process, faced difficulties, and pioneered and innovated. The departments reported many successes, and a group of outstanding talents emerged. Five outstanding employees and excellent teams from various departments of the company. At the party, they were honored. They explained the strength and responsibility of Zixin people. They ignited the passion of Zixin people. They poured in the brilliant achievements of Zixin Yuanyuan in 2016.

In the subsequent cultural performances, the employees of various departments of Yuanyuan Company presented brilliant programs for everyone. The production technology department song and dance "The king called me to patrol the mountain" opened the prelude to the party and ignited the joy of the audience. Cong Zhenyu’s song, “Dead to Love”, won the applause from the field. The talk show “Purple Inspirational Lecture Room” jointly performed by Liu Xingsheng and the ginseng workshop workers Wang Fengjiang and Ding Yong was lively and playful, refined and fresh, with a novel style and sophisticated concept; the song “Flower Bridge Water” sang by Meng Xianjuan and Zhu Wenying in the drinks workshop was fascinating. Echoes around the beam. The poetry brought to us by the new employee of the Production Technology Department, Li Na, read “My Zixin Year”, giving people a fresh look and feel filled with the pride of the new employees joining the Zixin family. The center laboratory only sings "At least You" to solo and be entertaining. The center's sketch "Love History" shows four generations of understanding and interpretation of love. The "Depth Dance" by Chinna of the Production Technology Department is dynamic, stylish and full of passion and vitality. The "square dance" brought by the big sisters in the extraction workshop showed the spirit, spirit, and enthusiasm of the front-line employees, and expressed their yearning and wishes for Zixin Yuanyuan's beautiful future. During the program, interspersed with games such as "Blank Balloon Blowing" and "Drinking and Breathing", the employees of the company participated enthusiastically. The varied and informative programs promoted the climax from time to time, with laughter and laughter.

Through the self-directed and self-directed programs, everyone celebrated the New Year and expressed their feelings, embodying Zixin Yuanyuan’s family value of “innovation, performance, harmony, and responsibility” and demonstrating the vigor and positiveness of Zixin Yuanyuan’s staff. The era of style. All of us expressed that through this event, we have strengthened exchanges, harvested blessings, demonstrated talents, and consolidated our strengths. The new year will be put into the work with a new look and strive to make new developments for Zixin Elementary Company. The greater contribution.