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Jilin multi-dimensional promotion of Chinese medicine health services

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  After the publication of the "Chinese Medicine Health Service Development Plan (2015-2020)", Jilin Province actively formulated the province's plan and extensively solicited opinions and arguments, which have been submitted to the provincial government for approval. Recently, the 2015 China Changbai Mountain Health and Wellness Culture Forum and the first Changbai Mountain Health and Wellness Culture Festival held in Changbai Mountain marked the beginning of the multi-dimensional promotion of the development of Chinese medicine health service industry in Jilin Province.


  In recent years, Jilin Province has insisted on integrating the development of Chinese medicine into the overall situation of health and family planning work, especially in the new situation, facing the new business of Chinese medicine health services, Jilin Province insists on government-led, strengthens top-level design, and integrates industries and resources. Actively build a Chinese medicine health service industry system and promote its integration and development.


  “Giving resources into culture and integrating culture into resources is not only the reason for the forum to be held in Changbai Mountain”, Qiu Deliang, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Chinese Medicine Administration, said that with the country’s attention to and support for Chinese medicine, With the intensive policy introduction, the development of Chinese medicine has risen to an unprecedented national strategic level. The inheritance of Chinese medicine culture and the development of Chinese medicine health service industry have also encountered unprecedented development opportunities. How to effectively play Changbai Mountain, a culturally rich resource card, is a top priority for Jilin Province in the economic transformation and upgrading, launching a new round of revitalization of Jilin campaign, and implementing the national Chinese medicine health service development plan.


  Qiu Deliang said that Jilin will adhere to the principle of “government-led, learn to promote, integrate resources, and win-win”; strive to promote “the development of health service industry, the top-level design as the guide, the industry resources as the basis, and the resource integration as the The core, the strategic cooperation as a means, and the cooperation and win-win as the driving force of the Chinese medicine health service industry development system, promote the deep integration of industry and industry, so that the development of traditional Chinese medicine health services in Jilin Province is based in Jilin, look to the world and establish a big health concept. Inheriting the experience of large health care to achieve "big Chinese medicine, great health, great unity, great development."


  At the same time as the forum was held, the first Changbai Mountain Health and Wellness Culture Festival was also launched. Among them, “Jilin Chinese Medicine Huimin Walks to the Grassroots”, “Changbai Mountain Folk Culture and Health” and “Healthy Health and Health Exercises Exhibition” were held at the Changbai Mountain Management Committee. Daobaihe Town started separately.


  Over the years, Jilin Province has attached great importance to the role played by the large-scale public welfare activities of “Jilin Chinese Medicine and the Popularization of the People”. Since its inception in 2013, it has held 26 games and benefited nearly 10,000 people. Zhu Guizhen, vice president and secretary-general of the Jilin Provincial Association of Chinese Medicine, said that the “Jilin Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Huimin Walks the Grassroots” activity is the second time to enter Erdaobaihe Town, and this time it is the guidance of the development plan of Chinese medicine health service. Next, it has given new meaning and connotation again, that is, making full use of the "prevention of disease" of traditional Chinese medicine and exerting the superior role of Chinese medicine science experts, shifting its focus to the grassroots and rural areas to increase the popularization of Chinese medicine scientific knowledge. Medical services go directly to the "client" of the people.


  Zhu Guizhen said that Jilin Province will take this event as an opportunity, and in the future will further increase the publicity of Chinese medicine science knowledge and health care methods and methods, and then lay a mass foundation and create a mass atmosphere for the development of the province's Chinese medicine health service industry.