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International medicine industry "Nuggets" traditional medicine

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  As medical costs continue to grow in various countries, global medical scientists are accelerating the pace of mining, researching and applying traditional medicine. From September 23 to 24, more than 260 academicians, experts and scholars from 21 countries including China, India and South Africa gathered in Beijing to participate in the first International Symposium on Traditional Medicine Exploration and exchanged views on traditional medicine in various countries. Development experience.


  The conference was hosted by IAMP (organized by the International Academy of Medical Sciences), the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and hosted by the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. IAMP, a group of 78 medical science academies, academies or the Faculty of Medicine, aims to discuss global health issues from a scientific perspective. In 2014, the “Traditional Medicine Assessment” project was established to establish the first tradition in the international medical science community. International Symposium on Traditional Medicine Exploration for Medicine Exchange Promotion Platform. IAMP President Lei Liming said that traditional medicine can provide more cost-effective health solutions for human beings, and hopes to share traditional medical treatment methods through exchanges, promote future cooperation and research, and provide recommendations for global health policy.


  Yu Wenming, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attended the meeting and pointed out that the history of Chinese medicine has proved that Chinese medicine is safe and effective. Traditional Chinese medicine has been in existence for thousands of years because it is clinically safe and effective, and can prevent diseases and cure diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine is traditional and modern. Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years of inheritance, and it has continuously absorbed the science and technology culture of the same generation, and has been enriched and developed through the continuous practice of clinical doctors. Traditional Chinese medicine is both Chinese and the world. Chinese medicine is willing to communicate and cooperate with medical countries all over the world and is willing to serve the health of people around the world.


  “Traditional medicine contains thousands of years of wisdom, not just knowledge.” Shi Hede, representative of the WHO Representative Office in China, said at the meeting that he hopes that the top experts in the field of traditional medicine in the world can The wisdom of the millennium finds the evidence base of science and draws on innovative methods such as big data to establish systems, standards and regulatory frameworks to prove that traditional medicines are safe and effective.


  Academician Zhang Boli, president of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, believes that it is an important way to develop traditional medical innovations by making full use of the theories, techniques and methods of modern science on the premise of adhering to the original thinking of traditional medicine. It is an inevitable trend for modern medicine to promote and develop to a higher level by drawing on the cognitive models of different medical systems and promoting the complementary and common development of different medical systems.


  Academician Fan Daiming, deputy director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Liu Depei of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Wu Yiling, Academician of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Wang Chen, and Wang Qi, a master of Chinese medicine, attended the meeting.