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Review | Tu Yu: This is the honor of Chinese medicine to the world

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Wang Guoqiang awarded the outstanding contribution award of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences to Tu Yu


Tu Yu, a researcher at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, was last noticed. In 2011, Tu Yu was on the podium of the Lasker Award for his outstanding contribution to the discovery of artemisinin. The award was hailed as the Nobel Prize's “wind vane”. 


In the speech of the award, Tu Yu said that the discovery of artemisinin is a gift from Chinese traditional medicine to human beings.


The Lasker Awards Judging Committee believes that the team led by Professor Tu Yu has transformed an ancient Chinese medicine law into the most powerful anti-malarial medicine, combining modern technology with the legacy of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, and the most valuable of them. The content is brought into the 21st century.


"In the history of human medicine, we celebrate the opportunity to alleviate the pain and stress of hundreds of millions of people and save the lives of millions of people in hundreds of countries." Professor of Stanford University, Lasker Award When the member of the jury, Lucy Shapiro, talked about the significance of artemisinin discovery, the discovery of artemisinin, a highly effective antimalarial drug, is largely due to the “insight, vision and tenacity of the slaughter and its team”. Faith, Professor Tu’s work provides the world with the most important drug interventions of the past half century.

For the honor of the L

asker Award, the old man is very modest. "The discovery of artemisinin is not a result of one person. It is the result of the joint efforts of the team. Many comrades have participated in this research and have contributed. This is also the trend of Chinese medicine. An honor of the world." Recalling the study of the year, she said, "The difficulty at that time was in the choice of the genus Artemisia, which plant was in the end. In addition, the extraction method has not been able to break through." Inspired by Hong Kong's "Elbow Reserve", "Agriculture Artemisia Grip, Water One Literage, Wrapping Juice Service", she improved the extraction method and used low temperature extraction with ether cold soaking method to achieve success.


Initial discoveries and inventions are always precious. Academician Zhang Boli, dean of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, summed up the "three firsts" of the discovery of artemisinin by Tu Yu. "She was the first to introduce the traditional Chinese medicine Artemisia annua L. into the 5.23 project group of the year. The first one was extracted with 100% activity. Artemisinin, the first to use it clinically and prove it is effective."


"The international community respects the originality." Tu Yu said that the research results must be internationally recognized, one must be effective, and the problem can be solved. Second, original inventions and innovations are very important. "Chinese medicine is definitely a great treasure house, and there are still many things to be explored. Modern technology can be used to further understand Chinese medicine, strengthen innovation, and produce more original results."


Talking about the meaning of the award, Tu Yu said, "I hope this award can bring new incentives. Science must be realistic, young domestic scientists should learn useful experience, continue to enrich knowledge in practice, do succession and innovation, let Chinese medicine The essence of the world is recognized by the world and contributes to the world of medicine."


Bai Chunli, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that Tu Yu’s Lasker Award fully reflects the international community’s recognition of the original scientific research achievements of Chinese scientists, as well as the high recognition of her research work by the world medical community, and also the international scientists’ Research level and research strength.


Zhang Boli called on Chinese medicine science and technology workers to learn to slaughter, to have a sense of responsibility, to take the needs of the country and the people as their own responsibility, "learning that she adheres to the characteristics of Chinese medicine, is good at inheritance, and is brave in innovation; learning her hard work, painstaking research, perseverance She has a consistent work style; she is broad-minded, good at unity and cooperation, and joint research."


Before the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Science and Technology Work Conference was held, Wang Guoqiang, deputy minister of the Ministry of Health and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, met with Tu Yu.


"From the incident of the discovery of artemisinin by Tuyu, we should sum up and explore how to establish a scientific research system of the national system, how to pay attention to the use of the treasure house of traditional medicine of the motherland, and how to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, hard work and selfless dedication of Chinese science and technology workers. Especially under the current socialist market economic system, how can we better play the national system? After China’s economic development and financial resources have been strengthened, how can we better organize the scientific and technological personnel of all parties to focus on tackling key issues and form a synergy to overcome scientific and technological problems?” Wang Guoqiang said These questions are worthy of our consideration and exploration. (This article was originally published in the November 16th, 2011 issue of China Traditional Chinese Medicine News, with changes)