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Wang Guoqiang: Accelerating the development of folk Chinese medicineEmancipate the mind and further raise awareness of folk medi

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Emancipate the mind and further raise awareness of folk medicine.

China's folk medicine has a long history and is not only an important source of Chinese medicine, but also enriches the content of traditional Chinese medicine. Strengthen the work of folk medicine, do a good job in the excavation and summarization of folk medicine, enrich the traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment technology, develop the theory and practice of Chinese medicine, improve the clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, and transform the original advantages of traditional Chinese medicine into intellectual property advantages, and make better use of it. It is of great significance to meet the needs of the Chinese people for diversified and multi-level Chinese medicine services. The Chinese medicine administrative departments at all levels and various types of Chinese medicine institutions at all levels must regard folk medicine as an important part of the development of Chinese medicine, and integrate it into the overall situation of the "six-in-one" development of Chinese medicine to plan, promote and develop.


Highlight two key points and accelerate the development of private medicine.

In terms of academic development, the current focus should be on excavating and arranging the medical treatment techniques, methods, prescriptions and instruments that have not been certified by the government's designated institutions, summarizing the norms, developing R&D facilities for Chinese medicine, hospital Chinese medicine preparations, and new Chinese medicines. Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment equipment, and promoted and utilized.


In the development of services, we must promote the development of Chinese medicine services in social medical treatment, encourage social forces to give priority to non-profit Chinese medicine hospitals such as gynecology, pediatrics, anorectal and bone injuries, and develop medical treatment hospitals such as rehabilitation hospitals and geriatric hospitals with outstanding characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. mechanism. Encourage the establishment of traditional Chinese medicine clinics and Chinese medicine clinics that only provide traditional Chinese medicine services, and guide the development of large-scale and multi-level directions. Social doctors should put more vision on Chinese medicine health services, and focus more on highlighting the characteristics.


Grasp the two relationships and promote the healthy development of folk medicine.

To achieve sustainable development of folk medicine, we must grasp and handle two relationships. First, we must deal with the relationship between promoting development and standardizing management. It is necessary to innovate mechanisms, improve systems, relax market access, create a better policy environment for the development of private Chinese medicine medical institutions, and create conditions for people who have mastered private medical techniques and methods to obtain medical qualifications. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen supervision, improve supervision mechanisms and means, and promote the safer and more effective technologies and products provided by private Chinese medicine medical institutions, and provide more honest and responsible services.


Second, we must handle the relationship between public medical institutions and social medical institutions. It is necessary to adhere to the common development of public medical institutions and the development of non-public medical institutions, and accelerate the formation of a diversified medical treatment pattern. Public Chinese medicine medical institutions focus on ensuring the basic medical and health needs of the people and emphasize government leadership. Socially-run Chinese medicine is more focused on meeting the needs of the people's multi-level and diversified Chinese medicine services, covering basic and non-essential Chinese medicine services, and requiring government guidance, mainly for the society and market players. It should be said that the two complement each other and each has its own focus.


China's private Chinese medicine research and development association should play the role of industry organization and do a good job. Innovative Development Association organizes academic development and promotes academic exchanges. Adhere to the service-oriented, and continuously improve the ability of the Association to serve innovation, serve the society and the government, serve private medical institutions, and serve self-development. Adhere to the demand orientation and protect the intellectual property rights and other legitimate interests of holders of private intellectual property rights. Implement industry self-discipline responsibilities, strengthen the formulation of industry service standards and technical standards rules, conduct behavior guidance, rule constraints, and standardize operations.


——Excerpted from the deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Wang Guoqiang on September 26 at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the China Association of Chinese Medicine Research and Development and the 3rd National Conference on Chinese Medicine Development.