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Exploring the road "Internet +", Chinese medicine accelerates revival

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At the moment when "Internet + medical" is in full swing, the mysterious Chinese medicine practitioners are not willing to sit in the church. In the recent 2015 Beijing International Chinese Medicine Health Tourism Culture Festival and TCM Technology Competition Conference, in addition to combining the Chinese medicine industry with tourism health, the exploration of the "Internet + Chinese Medicine" model has also attracted attention.


Integration of two industries

"Chinese medicine is the key to opening the treasure house of Chinese civilization." Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the country, highly praised Chinese medicine.

However, just like artemisinin, the Chinese medicine industry, known as the “national treasure”, rarely has Chinese companies.

However, the series of new policies will upgrade the tourism industry and revitalize the strategy of Chinese medicine.

On April 24, 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Chinese Medicine Health Service Development Plan (2015-2020)”. On August 11, the “Opinions on Further Promoting Tourism Investment and Consumption” was released again.


The two new policies listed the development of TCM health tourism as an important content, and launched a series of TCM health tourism demonstration products with the theme of TCM culture and communication, focusing on medical rehabilitation and physical therapy, health care and cultural experience.


Some insiders said that the deep integration of the two industries not only created a new industrial space, fostered new economic growth points, but also provided an opportunity for industrial transformation and upgrading. Moreover, the majority of ordinary people in China revisited the health and wellness culture of Chinese medicine and regained it. The benefits of health and wellness, strengthening the health of Chinese medicine and the awareness of outdoor tourism health have far-reaching strategic significance.


In recent years, Beijing has carried out in-depth excavation of TCM health product lines, forming a group of TCM health culture tourism products with rich cultural connotations and high experience. At present, there are 29 demonstration bases for Chinese medicine culture and tourism in Beijing, including the Ditan Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Culture Park, Beijing Medicinal Botanical Garden, Dongzhimen Hospital International Department, and Tongrentang Yizhuang Production Base.


“Traditional Chinese medicine culture tourism as an important customized tourism product is gradually being recognized and paid attention by overseas tourists, and will also become an important business card for Beijing tourism. We hope to attract more tourists from home and abroad through TCM health tourism products. Travel to Beijing," said Wang Yue, deputy director of the Beijing Tourism Commission.


Pathfinder "Internet +"

Unlike other industries, the experience and service of commodity venue equipment cannot be “delivered” at all. What should I do under the health O2O line? How do outdoor tourism sites that return to nature carry health services and upgrade traditional industries?


The strategic cooperation between Tianyang Health Valley Enterprise Group and Yikang Shengshi Network provides a reference for traditional enterprises to explore the "Internet +". Through the online and offline interactions, the two companies have built Tianyang Health Valley into a health industry base under the Yikang Shengshi network line, laying the foundation for creating better health services.


“Building the Tianyang Health Valley surrounded by mountains into the health industry base under the Yikang cloud line. The offline and offline lines are mutually connected. It is a good place to choose from the O2O offline base for deep service.” Beijing Yikang Shengshi Technology Co., Ltd. Tang Mingquan, general manager of the company, said.


At present, Yikang Shengshi relies on advanced information technology to integrate a number of high-quality medical and health service resources such as China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and 301 Hospital, and builds “Yikangyun+Mobile Internet Digital Health Technology Service Platform”. The open mode of Yikangyun platform + mobile terminal + Yikang doctor team can provide convenient and efficient communication platform and health big data platform service for patients, enterprises, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.


Dong Wei, Chairman of Tianyang Health Valley Enterprise Group, also said that Tianyang Health Valley will strive to build a sanctuary for people's health and well-being, contribute to the spread of Chinese medicine culture, and actively explore new and transforming the local traditional tourism industry. Road.