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Give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine prevention and health care

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Recently, the General Office of the State Council forwarded the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other departments, "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Combination of Health Care and Aged Care Services", and fully deployed to further promote medical and elderly care services. Combine and meet the needs of the people's multi-level and diversified health care services. The opinions are clearly required: give full play to the advantages of preventive and health care of traditional Chinese medicine (including ethnic medicine), and vigorously develop a series of service products combining Chinese medicine and old-age services.


The "Opinions" proposes that by 2017, the medical policy system, standardization and management system will be initially established, and the professional medical care and talent training system that meets the needs will be basically formed, and a group of medical and pension service qualifications and capabilities will be built. Medical institution or old-age care institution. By 2020, the system of medical care and the integration of policies and regulations in line with national conditions will be basically established, and the medical and health care resources will be shared in an orderly manner, covering a comprehensive network of urban and rural areas with appropriate scale, reasonable functions and comprehensive and continuous medical care. The ability of primary health care institutions to provide on-site services for the elderly is significantly improved.


The "Opinions" clarified five key tasks. First, establish and improve the cooperation mechanism between medical and health institutions and old-age care institutions. Encourage the old-age care institutions to carry out various forms of agreement and cooperation with the surrounding medical and health institutions. The qualified medical institutions set up in the old-age care institutions can be used as hospitals (including Chinese medicine hospitals) for the rehabilitation of the elderly. Encourage secondary hospitals (including Chinese medicine hospitals, the same below) to carry out counterpart support and cooperation and construction.


The second is to support the elderly institutions to carry out medical services. The old-age care institutions may apply for the establishment of geriatric hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, and Chinese medicine hospitals according to relevant requirements and service requirements. The medical institutions set up by the old-age care institutions shall comply with the relevant provisions of the national laws and regulations, the administrative departments of health and family planning, and the administrative departments of Chinese medicine, and carry out medical and health services in accordance with the law. The health and family planning administrative department and the Chinese medicine administrative department should increase policy planning support and technical guidance.


The third is to fully rely on the community's various services and information network platforms to promote the integration of primary health care institutions and medical staff with the community and home care.


The fourth is to encourage social forces to set up a combination of medical and nursing institutions. When formulating plans for health care and pensions, it is necessary to set aside space for social forces to organize medical and nursing institutions. In accordance with the principle of “not allowed to enter”, any person who meets the planning conditions and the qualifications for admission shall not be restricted for any reason.


The fifth is to encourage the integration of medical and health institutions and old-age services. Improve the ability of general hospitals to serve elderly patients, improve the rehabilitation of primary health care institutions, the proportion of nursing beds, and fully implement the policy of preferential treatment for elderly medical services. Give full play to the advantages of preventive and health care of traditional Chinese medicine (including ethnic medicine, the same below), and vigorously develop a series of service products combining Chinese medicine and old-age services.


The "Opinions" emphasize that the Chinese medicine management department should study and formulate standards and standards for TCM-related services, strengthen supervision, strengthen the promotion of appropriate technologies and service products for TCM, strengthen the cultivation of TCM health pensions, and do a good job in the health care of Chinese medicine.