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The original way of Chinese medicine is to take the road

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On the 10th, the researcher of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tu Yu, received the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Awards, medals and prizes from the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf at the Stockholm Concert Hall in Stockholm, which is worthy of the Chinese people. The moment of cheering is not only the full affirmation of the academic research results of the 84-year-old man in the world scientific community, but also the authority of the Western medical community to authorize Chinese medicine with 5000 years of cultural heritage.


Tu Yu is the first Nobel Prize in Medicine in China. She extracted artemisinin from ordinary Chinese herbal plants, which became one of the last lines of defense against malaria. According to data released by the World Health Organization, more than 1 billion malaria patients have benefited from artemisinin-based treatment since 2000, and malaria has been successfully controlled in several countries.


Artemisinin is a gift from Chinese medicine to the world. “This discovery provides a powerful new tool for humanity to deal with debilitating diseases that affect millions of people every year.” The Nobel jury said in the award speech to the slaughter, “Improving human health and reducing The painful contribution is immeasurable."


The facts prove once again that as the most proud original in China, Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are a great treasure house. Starting from Shennong's taste of herbs, it has thousands of years of development and accumulation. It has formed a unique system for the medicinal value of natural resources, and has become a unique advantage in the prevention of medicine in clinical experience, and has been caring for human beings for generations. health.


Today, with the rapid development of modern medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are not outdated. On the contrary, many diseases of malignant diseases and chronic diseases have made Western medicine far behind. The world will not forget that the acupuncture of the ancient Han Dynasty can be traced back to the world in the early 1970s, and even the American President Nixon was dumped.


Similar to the magical medical skills like "needle and hemp", there are still many examples in China. Luo Youming Chinese medicine orthopedic therapy, Sun Yimin, Chinese medicine leukemia treatment, etc. have formed exquisite and unique green medicine and therapy in long-term clinical practice, and also relieved the suffering of thousands of patients.


It is a pity that these awkward Chinese originals have not received world attention like Tu Yu and her artemisinin, and have not released the huge strategic value of world health progress. The reason is that apart from the long-term dominant position of Western medicine in the world medicine and the marginalization of traditional Chinese medicine in the "Western East" trend, there are some drawbacks in China's current Chinese medicine management system and innovation mechanism.


The "integration of Chinese and Western medicine" that has been advocated has evolved into the use of Western medicine to examine, manage and transform Chinese medicine. This is mainly manifested in: judging Chinese medicine according to the theory, standards and methods of western medicine; approving Chinese medicine hospitals according to the system and model of Western medicine hospital; using traditional Chinese medicine standards to test Chinese medicine practitioners.


In Japan, which used to be a Chinese apprentice in traditional medicine, hundreds of "Chinese medicines" based on "Zhongjingfang" can be directly produced without any government drug regulatory authorities. On the contrary, at present, in China, according to the prescription of Chinese medicine, it is necessary to do pharmacological and toxicological tests according to the analysis method of modern medicine.


It is difficult to truly form a market for the innovation of traditional Chinese medicine for many years. This is mainly manifested as: failure to do more with the clinical efficacy of major diseases as the main target; failure to collect more diverse organisms, systems, new materials and other disciplines to effectively guide the practice of Chinese medicine; Breaking industry barriers and forming a market platform for talent and technology transformation and upgrading.


"Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Folk" is a classic sentence. I don't know how many years I have said it. When I went to the famous doctors and even the masters of Chinese medicine, these "smart" people who walked in the folks to solve the disease were not prominent. The dazzling qualifications are kept out of the gate. Imagine if you can launch a platform similar to the competition, lock in the frontiers and difficult diseases of the world's medicine, and draw more prescription techniques to form the most valuable solutions, which will contribute to the world.


It is noteworthy that the day before the birth of the Nobel Prize, the long-awaited "Chinese Medicine Law (Draft)" was adopted at the State Council executive meeting and will be submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation. It marks that the Chinese medicine industry will embark on a healthy, sustainable and stable development path under the special legal guarantee that reflects its own characteristics and laws.


Standing in the new opportunities for the development of Chinese medicine, we must be hard-working, and we must carry out comprehensive and systematic reforms under the framework of the top-level design of institutional innovation with a more pragmatic role, breaking the barriers that restrict development. The greatness of Chinese medicine and the acceleration of its journey to the world have laid a solid foundation.


Undoubtedly, by that time, the door of the Nobel Prize will be opened to China, and more people will continue to receive this award.