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Chinese medicine international standardization has received wide attention

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“There are 30 international standards being developed and 24 projects to be discussed. Among them, Chinese experts have made great contributions.” Recently, ISO/TC249 secretary assistant Sang Zhen said in an interview with reporters in Shanghai.


The ISO/TC249 International Standards Organization/Traditional Chinese Medicine Technical Committee has grown to 35 member states since its establishment in 2009.


Sang Zhen said that ISO/TC249 has successfully held six full-time member conferences in Beijing, the Netherlands, The Hague, South Korea, Daban, South Africa, Durban, and Kyoto, Japan. The number of participants and new standards has increased year by year. International standardization work has received increasing international attention. The seventh annual meeting will be held in Rome, Italy, in early June 2016.


“As of October 2015, ISO/TC249 has officially and independently issued 5 international standards for Chinese medicine, and jointly issued one international standard with ISO/TC215, achieving zero breakthrough in the international standard of Chinese medicine in the field of ISO, promoting the international trade of Chinese medicine. And the internationalization of Chinese medicine has a profound impact." Sang Zhen said.