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Chinese medicine has advantages in the field of geriatrics

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On December 19th, the 2nd Geriatrics Professional Committee and the 2015 Academic Annual Meeting of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies were held in Beijing. Experts from all over the world focused on the theme of “Chinese Medicine and Healthy Aging” to discuss the latest Chinese medicine for geriatrics at home and abroad. Research progress and academic achievements. Experts believe that Chinese medicine has advantages in prevention, anti-aging, and disease treatment in the field of geriatric medicine.


Yan Shujiang, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attended and proposed that we should vigorously promote the combination of medical and health care, establish a platform for Chinese medicine geriatrics, accelerate academic exchanges, and better serve the development of geriatrics.


The conference invited experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Qin Boyi, Professor Yuan Shihua, and other experts from around the world to give a keynote speech on medical humanities, classical Chinese medicine theory, clinical trial methods, and drug development. The new session of the Committee on Gerontology was chaired by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese medicine master Chen Kezhen as the honorary president. Li Hao, vice president of Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, served as the president.