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The Chinese medicine system learns and implements the important instructions of the central leadership

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A few days ago, in order to congratulate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter, and Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions. Vice Premier Liu Yandong attended the celebration and made an important speech.


On December 22 last year, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine organized a party group center group to study, and on December 25th held a national video conference of Chinese medicine system to communicate and implement the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in the Chinese medicine industry. Important instruction spirit.


The central leadership expounded the status and practical significance of traditional Chinese medicine, fully affirmed the outstanding contributions and outstanding achievements of Chinese medicine to economic and social development, and raised hopes and specifics for revitalizing and developing Chinese medicine, making new contributions to building a healthy China and realizing the Chinese dream. The demand has aroused strong repercussions in the Chinese medicine system. The Chinese medicine industry is inspiring. The guiding spirit of the central leadership has brought warmth and warmth in this cold winter, injecting confidence and vitality into the Chinese medicine industry.


"Tian Shi, Di Li, People and" Chinese medicine development welcomes a good time

Along with the glorious history of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Chinese medicine, which is the representative of the Chinese traditional culture and has been passed down for thousands of years, has received much attention. "The Chinese medicine industry is welcoming unprecedented opportunities for development. The party and the state attach great importance to it. The people are eagerly awaiting the confidence of the Chinese medicine industry," said Tian Xingjun, director of the Sichuan Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


"Since the founding of New China, the party and state leaders have paid more attention to Chinese medicine to an unprecedented level. The guiding spirit of the central leadership is based on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the efforts of the entire Chinese medicine industry over the past few decades. Affirmation. It is an affirmation of the Chinese medicine practitioners represented by Professor Tu Yu for many years, insisting on original thinking and adhering to the development model of diversified development of Chinese medicine. Gan Ganshang, director of the Gansu Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said .


"'Chinese medicine is a gem of ancient Chinese science and the key to opening the treasure house of Chinese civilization'. These two evaluations clearly explain the scientific status, historical role and contribution of Chinese medicine in Chinese civilization." Master of Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Professor Wang Qi explained that he fully appreciates the central leadership's evaluation of the Chinese medicine industry, explores the essence of Chinese medicine, exerts its own value, and carries out the inheritance, development and development of traditional Chinese medicine. Promoting traditional Chinese medicine for contemporary service requires inheriting tradition and Adapting to the needs of the development of the times, we will promote Chinese medicine not only to serve the country but also to serve all human beings.


"The two evaluations emphasize that Chinese medicine is science and culture. This is a clear expression of the central leadership's basic attributes of Chinese medicine." Chen Qiguang, head of the Chinese Medicine Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said, "The scientific nature of Chinese medicine." And cultural, we must have a correct understanding, establish the national confidence of the Chinese, but also establish the professional confidence of Chinese medicine workers."


Chen Qiguang said that in the congratulatory letter, instructions and speeches, the central leadership repeatedly emphasized "the emphasis of both Chinese and Western medicine", embodying the principled position of the party and the state, seeing the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and proposing that "Chinese medicine goes to the world", which is different from the previous expression. In line with international standards, it emphasizes that Chinese medicine should maintain its own advantages in the international arena. Through exchanges, communication and publicity, foreign countries can understand, understand and understand Chinese medicine. Clearly, "use-oriented" emphasizes the use of waste. The principle of “retirement” encourages the continuous exploration and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine. The distinctive advantages in the service work reflect and exert its due role, thus highlighting the practical significance and value.


“The instructions of the central leadership are a great encouragement to the Chinese medicine industry.” Qiu Deliang, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that there have been many 'big moves' and 'big hand' in promoting the development of Chinese medicine over the years: The Chinese medicine project has won scientific and technological awards and has continued to work hard to transform the development environment. “It’s like the spring harvest and the autumn harvest, and now it’s time to harvest before the Chinese medicine industry.”


Qiu Deliang believes that this is not only a prominent position of Chinese medicine, but also a concern. It is also a portrayal of Chinese culture being recognized. Traditional Chinese medicine is both traditional and modern, and it still plays an irreplaceable role. "Chinese medicine is both Chinese and the world. In the process of inheritance and development, how to hold on to itself depends on the firm belief of our Chinese medicine practitioners." He is full of confidence in the Chinese medicine going out.


"Inheritance is good, development is good, and good use" Chinese medicine development still has a long way to go

In the view of Dong Mingpei, deputy director of the Anhui Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and deputy director of the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese medicine system must not only adhere to the five concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing, but also fully exploit the health of Chinese medicine. The important role of five resources: economy, technology, culture and ecology. While focusing on strengthening the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine services, we will focus on the two major sectors of Chinese medicine health services and Chinese medicine big health industry.


"We should effectively change the concept, the innovation model, realize the health and demand-oriented business and industry, public and private, basic and non-basic cross-border integration and development." Dong Mingpei said.


How to achieve "inheritance, development, and utilization" has been explored by some units and places.

Xu Anlong, President of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that on the afternoon of the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine established the “Cooperative Alliance for the Establishment of World-class Chinese Medicine University” with four Chinese Medicine Universities in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Chengdu. It is an important exchange, cooperation and win-win platform for the development of Chinese medicine colleges and universities and the development of Chinese medicine and other disciplines.


"The development of Chinese medicine is in an important strategic opportunity period that can make a difference. Northern Chinese medicine should make good use of time, location and people to promote the development of Chinese medicine." Xu Anlong said that Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will further study and Carry out the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and other central leaders, and combine the spirit of these important instructions into the school's '13th Five-Year Plan', which is reflected in the school's work, and implements the Chinese medicine. Advantages and help the national strategy. ”


"Chinese medicine is fully involved in the combination of medical care and comprehensively, fully exerting its role in the medical reform, and exerts its talents in the health service industry. Promoting the development of Chinese medicine-related industries and helping the development of the social economy are all rare opportunities. During the economic transformation stage, industrial restructuring, Chinese medicine Not only as a career development, but also as an industry.” Gan Peishan revealed that as a national TCM comprehensive reform pilot province, Gansu Province is actively applying for the National TCM Industry Development Comprehensive Experimental Zone and has formulated an overall plan.


"In the future, the development of Chinese medicine must follow and adhere to the laws of traditional Chinese medicine, rely on Chinese medicine technicians, and adhere to the development of Chinese medicine characteristics in order to finally manage Chinese medicine." Tian Xingjun believes that a general direction is to vigorously We will develop the Chinese medicine health service industry and give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in terms of health care, characteristic rehabilitation, and healthy old-age care. The development potential is huge; the other direction is to fully integrate the national “Belt and Road” strategy and actively promote the international process of Chinese medicine. "Through the cooperation and exchange of Chinese medicine overseas, we will promote the implementation of advantageous industries and priority projects, and the prospects for Chinese medicine are broad."