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Zixin Jingui's 2017 annual meeting was successfully held

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There is a kind of thing, it is fast and slow, short and long, both ordinary and precious, easy to be ignored, but also easy to pay attention to. Yes, it is time. As the time passes and the time flies, Jin Gui company has been "two years old" soon. At 9:00 am on February 3, 2017, the 2017 annual meeting of Zixin Jingui Co., Ltd. with the theme of “go forward and preparing for 2018” was held on the first floor of the comprehensive building. The general manager of the company, Li Zhuoxun, and all the staff gathered together to look back to 2017 together and look forward to 2018.


First of all, Zhou Yu, the head of the company's enterprise management department, took the form of PPT and led everyone to review the company's development in 2017. Subsequently, the company's general manager Li Zhuoxun and various department heads made the 2017 annual job report. Mr. Li recalled the achievements made by Jin Gui in the past year and thanked all the staff for their hard work in the past year. At the same time, they planned to deploy the main tasks in 2018.


Subsequently, the company’s leaders commended the “advanced workers,” “excellent employees,” and “outstanding team” in 2017, and used examples to lead the way by commending outstanding examples.


In the annual program performance, Kim Kye-man demonstrated a versatile side. Beautiful and melodious songs, sensational expressions, cheerful and dynamic dance, humorous three-and-a-half sentences, fascinating and mysterious magic and colorful interactive games make the audience scream, cheers and cheers come one after another. A happy and peaceful atmosphere.


In the end, the annual meeting was successfully concluded in the chorus of "City Matchmaking and Love in the World".


Looking back to 2017, we are full of passion; looking ahead to 2018, we have a heavy responsibility. Although we can't stop the pace of time, we can't let the time go backwards, but we can grasp every day of the future and not forget about the time. Jin Guiren, who is close to the family, will work hard and enterprising with the ambition of the Group and the guidance of Li Zhuoxun, the general manager of the company, and write new chapters and create new glories.




General Manager Li Zhuoxun solo "Backgammon"



Equipment Engineering Department chorus "My Chinese Heart"



Material Control Magic "Magical Bottle"



Jin Gui company "family portrait"