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Determined to revitalize development confidence

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Traditional Chinese medicine is in the midst of an important strategic opportunity that can make a difference, and we must fully promote the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine. The 2016 National Conference on Chinese Medicine has made a precise study on the historical orientation, phase characteristics and future needs of the development of Chinese medicine, and it has a long-standing consensus.


Only when you look at the big picture can you understand the big picture and know the big picture to make a big deal.


To fully promote the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine, we must first recognize the situation and grasp the development needs. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have actively promoted the development of Chinese medicine from a strategic and overall perspective. General Secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, and Vice Premier Liu Yandong have repeatedly issued instructions to revitalize the development of Chinese medicine, clarifying the direction and requesting . With its unique advantages in health resources, TCM has made positive contributions in deepening the reform of the medical and health system, and has opened up a new path of medical reform with the "Chinese-style solution." Focusing on the holistic view, attaching importance to "treating the disease", integrating traditional Chinese medicine, health care, disease prevention and treatment, and the convergence of medical development under the current economic and social development, providing a comprehensive and multi-link for the people in different life cycle stages. The health care service is deeply rooted and has unlimited potential. What is more gratifying is that Chinese medicine practitioners have worked hard and united as one, and created a new situation in the cause of Chinese medicine, which has won the attention of all sectors of society. Chinese medicine plays an important role as an important carrier of Chinese culture, and its pace towards the world is accelerating, promoting the “Belt and Road”. Building and promoting business exchanges at home and abroad, and the business cards of people's hearts and minds are becoming more and more eye-catching.


The grand blueprint for the revitalization of Chinese medicine is being fully implemented.


During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the "three-in-one" development pattern was adopted to form a "six-in-one" development pattern, and the "five resources" advantage was brought into play. The development of Chinese medicine entered a fast lane. In the past five years, Chinese medicine has consciously integrated into the overall situation of economic and social development, the overall development of health and family planning, and taken the initiative to become a national strategy. In the past five years, the Chinese medicine system has focused on promoting reform, improving policy mechanisms, and innovating development methods, stimulating the potential of Chinese medicine, promoting academic progress and development, expanding the new space for career development, and successfully completing various tasks.


However, a good harvest does not mean that you can sit back and relax.

At present, the layout and structure of Chinese medicine service resources still need to be adjusted quickly. The driving force for inheriting innovation to the development of the cause is still not strong. The Chinese medicine talent team is insufficiently supported by the development of the cause. The governance system and governance capacity and the requirements for the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine are still There is a gap... We are required to maintain a sense of responsibility of “cannot wait” and a sense of “slowness”, to strengthen our confidence and determination, and to be determined to develop Chinese medicine.


Strengthening confidence can unite strength. The development of Chinese medicine requires us to strengthen our confidence and determination. From the theoretical level of "enhancing national self-confidence" and "enhancing cultural self-confidence", we must fully understand the status and role of Chinese medicine in the overall economic and social situation of the country and enhance the confidence in developing Chinese medicine. We must fully understand that the Chinese medicine industry has a good foundation for development and firmly believe in the development of Chinese medicine from the practical level of the staged characteristics of "the development of Chinese medicine into the fast lane". We must pay more attention to the promotion of the development of Chinese medicine from the perspective of the system, and fully realize that the Chinese medicine industry is forming an increasingly better development environment and solidifying the confidence in developing Chinese medicine. To achieve "confidence, self-respect, self-awareness, self-improvement", and to inherit the good wealth of the ancestors of Chinese medicine, good development, and good use.


Standing at the new historical starting point, the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" of Chinese medicine has already set sail. We must form a joint force and start a good start. Grasp the needs of the situation, seize the opportunity of Chinese medicine "day, place, and people", strengthen confidence and determination, take a more conscious and active sense of responsibility, work harder and more energetic, solve development problems, and create new challenges in response to challenges Situation, realize new development in overcoming difficulties, and fully promote the development of Chinese medicine in grasping opportunities