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"China's ginseng (more than 10 years) Internet trading standards" was launched in Beijing today

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Beijing, China, January 25 (Reporter Chen Yaping) China's ginseng (more than 10 years) Internet transaction standard conference was held in Beijing on the 25th, the conference centered on "Ginseng health and identification", "Ginseng Internet transaction standards" and other content In-depth discussion on the quality improvement of ginseng standards, product technology innovation and "Internet +" marketing model innovation, and the release of China's ginseng (more than 10 years) Internet transaction standards.


Experts attending the meeting pointed out that China is a large ginseng production country, accounting for about 70% of the world's total output. The production areas are mainly distributed in the three northeastern provinces, of which ginseng production in Jilin Province ranks first in world production. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people and the development of the Internet era, the e-commerce of agricultural products has begun to rise. The electronic transaction volume of single ginseng in China for more than 10 years is increasing, and an Internet industry transaction standard is urgently needed to guide the cultivation of enterprise products from transaction standardization. Acceptance standardization. At the same time, Jilin related industry will actively promote the "Internet + ginseng" e-commerce trading platform for everyone's affordable consumption.