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Ginseng Province, Jilin Province, high quality participation rate of more than 75%

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Changchun February 26 news China's ginseng cultivation province of Jilin Province, is fully implementing the ginseng quality improvement plan. At present, the province's provincial-level standardized planting base has basically achieved full coverage of soil testing and planting, and the high-quality participation rate is over 75%.


Since 2009, Jilin Province has carried out soil testing and planting of 15 people in the province's main county gardening planting bases. The accumulated testing area of the participating areas is nearly 21,000 hectares, accounting for 30% of the ginseng retention area. The full coverage of the soil-planting ginseng in the standardized planting base has greatly increased the efficiency and product value of the ginseng industry in the province. In 2015, the province's ginseng production value was 46.07 billion yuan, about 9 times that of 2009; the output of fresh ginseng products was 27,000 tons, and the price reached 140 yuan/kg, an increase of 4.6 times over 2009. The benefits of ginseng from production to product processing have increased significantly.


The standardized production level of ginseng in Jilin Province has also been significantly improved. The ginseng yield has been increased from the previous 1.6 kg/m2 to 2 kg/m2, and the high-quality participation rate has reached more than 75%.