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ISO/TC249 Chinese Work Summary Meeting Held in Beijing

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On February 17, the ISO/TC249 Chinese Work Summary Meeting and the ISO Chinese Medicine International Standardization Strategy Seminar were held in Beijing. The meeting summarized the work of ISO/TC249 in China and provided guidance for the next step in ISO international standardization of Chinese medicine.


Yu Wenming, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, affirmed the six achievements made by the Chinese side at the meeting: solved the name of ISO/TC249, issued 8 international standards for ISO Chinese medicine, which was led by China, and clarified the standardization work. The correct understanding has harvested a complex team of experts and formed an effective working model and mechanism platform. He called for further strengthening strategic research, strengthening the deepening and improvement of the work mechanism of government, industry, learning and research, strengthening division of labor and cooperation, and forming a communication mechanism and working model.


Guo Hui, deputy director of the National Standardization Management Committee, said that the National Standards Committee will fully support and promote the internationalization of Chinese medicine.


Li Zhenji, Chairman of the International Advisory Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine Standardization of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wang Xiaopin, Director of the International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academician Huang Qiqi, Executive Vice President of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, and Fang Shuting, President of the Chinese Medicine Association.