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Jilin decentralized Chinese medicine service project price management right

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Following the adjustment of the medical service price of county-level public hospitals in Jilin Province in 2015, on March 16, the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Health and Family Planning Commission and the Price Bureau jointly issued a notice: decentralization of 84 medical service projects, price management authority, Chinese medicine services 57 items; the price of 29 medical service projects was released, and 5 Chinese medicine projects were independently priced.


The "Notice" clarifies that the price management authority of 84 projects in community health services and preventive health care, other medical service projects, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment shall be decentralized, and the local price authorities shall meet the same level of health and family planning, Human resources and social security, management of Chinese medicine management departments, including infant health checkups, perinatal care visits, infrared treatment, cupping therapy, cervical spondylosis massage treatment. At the same time, the prices of 29 medical service items in the oral and maxillofacial categories, female reproductive system and maternity, mental and mental health, and TCM comprehensive categories, which have formed competition and individualized demand, have been liberalized by medical institutions. Pricing. Including tooth discoloration, artificial decocting, decocting machine decocting.


The "Notice" requires that the price of medical service projects decentralized to local governments shall be implemented in accordance with the medical service price project specifications and relevant policies and regulations formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Jilin Provincial Price Administration. Formulate and adjust the guidance price of medical service projects, and report to the Provincial Price Bureau for the record, the price of unreasonable medical service projects formulated by various localities, the Provincial Price Bureau has the right to correct. The medical service project that implements the market-adjusted price shall be determined by the public medical institution in accordance with the reform requirements of the medical insurance payment standard, and the medical insurance agency shall determine the payment standard through a negotiation mechanism. Medical institutions should maintain a relatively stable price level, the price adjustment period should not be less than 6 months, and the price adjustment must be publicized in a prominent position in the medical institution one week in advance.