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Jilin accelerates the development of Chinese medicine in the province

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In the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province" issued by the Jilin Provincial Government, there are many highlights in inheriting innovation and building a talent team. By 2020, there are 150 provincial doctors and 200 Chinese doctors. Excellent Chinese medicine practitioners at the grassroots level exceed 200.


The Opinions clarify the main tasks and promotion measures for developing TCM medical services, developing TCM health care services, promoting the inheritance and innovation of TCM, strengthening the construction of TCM talents, vigorously promoting Chinese medicine culture, and actively promoting the development of TCM overseas. 


In the promotion of Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation, the "Opinions" proposed to establish a base for the processing of Chinese medicine processing technology in Jilin Province. By 2020, the province's Chinese herbal medicine industry (planting, breeding and primary processing) will achieve an output value of 100 billion yuan. In strengthening the construction of Chinese medicine talent team, it is proposed to build 100 provincial famous Chinese medicine studios and 40 grassroots Chinese medicine experts to inherit the studio. Advance the "Traditional Chinese Medicine" talent training project and train 200 outstanding young Chinese medicine practitioners. Yanbian University opened a major in medicine and carried out undergraduate education in medicine.


The "Opinions" also called for the establishment of a coordination mechanism, strengthening organizational guarantees, and establishing an inter-agency joint mechanism for the work of Chinese medicine. The price of medical service items that improve the value of TCM technical labor services, decentralization and liberalization of TCM medical service projects, the market competition is sufficient, and individualized medical service project prices are required. Further increase the number of proprietary Chinese medicines in the essential medicines list.