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Improve the contribution rate of Chinese medicine in the economy and society

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On April 8, the People's Government of Jilin Province issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine", which caused strong repercussions in the Chinese medicine system in Jilin Province. The whole system was invigorated and implemented and discussed throughout the industry.


Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government pay close attention to

Nowadays, the development of Chinese medicine in the country is strong and powerful. In Jilin Province, planning how to develop Chinese medicine is a work of provincial party secretary and deputy governor.


On January 27th, Jilin Province held the 2016 Provincial Conference on Chinese Medicine Work. Provincial Party Secretary Bayin Chaolu and Vice Governor Li Jinxiu made important instructions for this meeting, demanding that the Chinese medicine work be truly grasped and implemented. And get results.


On February 22, the State Council issued the Outline of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016-2030). On February 25, Governor Jiang Chaoliang hosted a special conference on Chinese medicine in Jilin Province, and listened to the report of the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, requesting the formation of opinions on developing Chinese medicine as soon as possible. In conjunction with the implementation of the "Planning Outline" and "Chinese Medicine Health Service Development Plan", research and drafting "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions").


Vice Governor of Jilin Province Gao Guangbin and Vice Governor Li Jinxiu specially listened to the report of the Jilin Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, and pointed out that it is necessary to fully implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, promote the strategic deployment of the supply side structural reform, and focus on “three to one down”. One supplement, that is, to go to capacity, go to inventory, deleverage, reduce costs, make up the short board.


After the drafting of the "Opinions", the drafts were revised. During the period, the relevant departments were consulted many times. Governor Jiang Chaoliang repeatedly listened to the report, repeatedly scheduled the whole layout of the "Opinions", and often exchanged face-to-face with the leaders of the Chinese Medicine Administration. Sentence modification.


Grassroots enthusiasm

In response to the formulation and revision of the "Opinions", Jilin Province has heated discussions.


The Jilin Provincial Office of Compilation and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed amendments after the discussion on the draft for review: It is recommended that “the county-level Chinese medicine hospital will carry out the management of the “countership and township integration” of the traditional Chinese medicine professionals in the county-level Chinese medicine hospital, and the professional technicians of the township hospitals will be included. The unified management of county-level Chinese medicine hospitals was revised to “developing the “countership and township integration” management pilot of Chinese medicine professional technicians at county-level Chinese medicine hospitals; it is recommended that the province’s Chinese herbal medicine planting area reach 3 million mu, of which standardized planting area Up to 1 million mu was revised to “the standardized planting area of ​​Chinese herbal medicines in the province reached 3 million mu”. These two recommendations were adopted.


As of April 6, all relevant departments in various regions of Jilin Province have proposed 19 amendments.


Opinions released

In the process of drafting the "Opinions", the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has found out the development status of traditional Chinese medicine in Jilin Province through field research and symposiums, comprehensively sorting out the main problems that restrict the development of Chinese medicine, and researching and solving measures. Decompose the "Outline" one by one to clarify specific tasks. Repeated communication with relevant departments on key issues and form a consensus. A wide range of provincial practices have been collected and borrowed. It has fulfilled procedures such as public participation, expert argumentation, risk assessment, legality review and group discussion.


The "Opinions" closely follows the "four comprehensive" strategic layout and the "five development concepts", fully follows the development rules of traditional Chinese medicine, promotes the inheritance and innovation as the main theme, and focuses on the reform of the supply-side structure of traditional Chinese medicine to improve the development of Chinese medicine. Focusing on the level and quality of service, it puts forward the main tasks and promotion measures in six aspects, such as developing TCM medical services, developing health care services, promoting traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation, strengthening the construction of talent team, promoting Chinese medicine culture, and promoting the development of Chinese medicine overseas. A total of 33 safeguard measures were set up to establish coordination mechanisms, strengthen organizational guarantees, implement support policies, and strengthen industry supervision. 29 projects were under the leadership or led by the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and two were directly managed by Jilin Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine. The bureau is independent and responsible.


The Opinions present two major characteristics:

One of the characteristics is to identify development priorities and address key issues affecting the development of Chinese medicine.

Governments at all levels must not only invest in Chinese medicine, but also have policies and special personnel. To solve the problem of unbalanced development of traditional Chinese medicine in various places, the problem of insufficient investment in traditional Chinese medicine at the grassroots level, and to achieve the goal of universally enjoying Chinese medicine services for all in 2020.


The "Opinions" will promote the "Traditional Chinese Medicine" training project, establish a talent introduction mechanism, reform the talent evaluation mechanism, and work together to create 10,000 primary Chinese medicine practitioners, 1,000 Chinese medicine practitioners, 100 provincial-level Chinese medicine practitioners, and 10 national name Chinese medicine practitioners. To solve the problem of lack of high-level talents, lack of grassroots Chinese medicine talents, and provide talent protection for the development of Chinese medicine.


The Opinions will improve conditions and improve development and innovation capabilities. The focus is on the construction of county-level Chinese medicine hospitals and the construction of scientific research platforms. In accordance with national requirements, Chinese medicine hospitals have been set up in four counties (cities) where Chinese medicine hospitals have not yet been set up, and four county-level Chinese medicine hospitals that have not reached the second-level level have reached the second-level level. Three municipal and two county-level Chinese medicine hospitals were upgraded to the third level. Construction of the Jilin Branch of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, construction of a drug safety evaluation center, support for the establishment of a third-party testing center, and enhance the ability of basic research, new drug research and development, and transformation of results in traditional Chinese medicine in Jilin Province.


The second characteristic is to broaden the development ideas and improve the contribution rate of Chinese medicine in economic and social development.

It is determined to develop the medicinal materials of Jilin Province, establish the promotion measures for the production chain of Chinese medicinal materials, establish the standards and processing standards for medicinal materials in Jilin Province, improve the quality of Chinese medicinal herbs, and promote the economic development of Chinese medicinal materials.


We will broaden the scope of Chinese medicine services, vigorously develop health care services for Chinese medicine, develop health products and cultural products with Jilin characteristics, and combine with old-age care and tourism. Focus on the pilot work, try first, experience, produce results, and demonstrate.


Give full play to the advantages of resources of traditional Chinese medicine in Jilin Province, especially the advantages of green ecological resources in Changbai Mountain, and create a group of famous Chinese medicine hospitals, famous science, famous Chinese medicine enterprises, famous medicines and famous production areas. The role of Chinese medicine health industry in the pillar industries of medicine and health continues. Enhance and realize the strategic goal of strengthening the province of traditional Chinese medicine, and the development level of Chinese medicine is at the forefront of the country.


The "Opinions" were issued on April 8, and the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine immediately organized various chambers to discuss and formulate their respective implementation plans and development plans. At present, all localities are organizing seminars and researching and releasing specific supporting documents, reporting implementation plans and development plans step by step, and the bureau will unify and form implementation plans and implement them.