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Jilin accelerates rural e-commerce, ginseng industry chain e-commerce transaction is worthy of attention

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On May 4, it was learned from the Jilin Provincial Agriculture Committee that in the next period, Jilin Province will make full use of the Internet to improve the level of agricultural production, management, management and service, and innovate the modernized “cultivation and addition” ecology of network, intelligence and refinement. The new agricultural model will form a demonstration driving effect, accelerate the establishment and improvement of a new agricultural production and management system, foster a diversified agricultural Internet management service model, and gradually establish a trace system of agricultural and sideline products and agricultural materials quality and safety, and promote the rapid improvement of agricultural modernization.


According to reports, Jilin Province will seize the policy opportunities of the country to vigorously develop e-commerce, focus on "industrial goods going to the countryside", "agricultural products to the countryside" and "agricultural products into the city", improve the agricultural and rural e-commerce supporting facilities, and build county-level electricity. The business operation center carries out training, incubation, and operation of the system and other e-commerce supporting services. Strengthen the construction of rural logistics distribution system and solve the "last mile" problem of rural logistics distribution.


In addition, Jilin Province will strengthen cooperation with domestic large-scale e-commerce companies, and expand the agricultural product supply channels and sales network in Jilin Province with the resource advantages of platforms such as Taobao, Jingdong, Suning and No. 1 stores, and actively expand the agricultural product trading market. The scale of the store relies on the individual farmers and the farmers' professional cooperatives to market the featured agricultural products online. At the same time, give full play to the advantages of production and processing of agricultural and sideline products in Jilin Province, strengthen the online “Jizihao” brand construction, promote the “Jilin Rice” online marketing model, and implement the marketing strategies of Changbai Mountain Ginseng, Jilin Special Grains, Jilin Black Fungus and other special agricultural products. A group of well-known brands on the line of Ji-Zi won the popularity of “Jilin Famous Brand” and “Jilin Landmark Famous Brand”.


Among them, Jilin Province is the main producing area of ​​ginseng in China, and ginseng production accounts for 89% of the country, accounting for 71% of the world, and has an absolute geographical advantage. As a valuable Chinese herbal medicine product, ginseng has been paid more and more attention in human development of natural medicine products and daily life consumption, and the market potential is huge. As a large ginseng production country, due to the chaotic price competition, the Chinese ginseng lost its leading position in the international arena. Therefore, when the country vigorously develops e-commerce, the Jilin Province ginseng electronic trading platform emerges as the times require, and the electronic trading platform utilizes it. The perfect network spot electronic trading system avoids the drawbacks of traditional spot trade, realizes the functions of bulk ginseng spot trading, settlement and traceability of ginseng quality, thus creating a reasonable and orderly ginseng industrial operation order.


Jilin Ginseng is a key brand agricultural product in Jilin Province. Jilin Ginseng Electronic Trading Platform Co., Ltd. has developed the ginseng industrial chain system with e-commerce innovative trading methods. The platform is dedicated to improving the international positioning of the ginseng market, driving the economic development of international and regional ginseng industries, and making China's Jilin ginseng industry an international leader.


Jilin Province Ginseng Electronic Trading Platform is located in Tonghua City, Jilin Province, which is famous for the “Hometown of Chinese Ginseng”. With a registered capital of 50 million yuan, it is the first in Jilin Province to use ginseng electronic trading, ginseng financing, ginseng quality traceability, and ginseng big data mining. Large platform integrated online trading platform. The platform adheres to the principle of “fairness, openness, and notarization”, with the credit guarantee system as the core, the platform-standardized trading, settlement, logistics and supervision systems as the support, and innovative modern transactions such as auction transactions, listing transactions, and spot transactions. Function, providing ginseng industry with low-cost, less-link, high-efficiency whole-chain trade system.


In order to solve the problems of large cost, limited locality and narrow sales network, the platform will vigorously build the online electronic mall of Jilin Ginseng, and provide a new online shopping mall store model for the ginseng industry, achieving “one person to open a store with less cost and create maximum profit”. Operating system.


Based on the relevant provisions of e-commerce laws and regulations, the platform comprehensively uses e-commerce information technology to rely on the industrial policy of Jilin Province's ginseng industry, and leverages the urban brand image of Tonghua City's “China Medical City” to take advantage of the unique ginseng Chinese herbal medicine resources in Changbai Mountain. Based on the service concept of dedication, professionalism and dedication, we provide orders, order transactions, market investment development and management, ginseng products trading, ginseng research results transfer and promotion, economic information consultation, electronic trade of Chinese herbal medicines, native products and agricultural and sideline products. Multi-functional comprehensive e-commerce platform, such as consignment, purchasing, and purchasing.