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Jilin plans to fill the shortcomings of Chinese medicine development

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A few days ago, the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a conference on the work of the province's Chinese medicine medical administration, proposing to fill shortcomings, enhance capabilities, expand fields, and accelerate development goals. This year, Jilin Province will upgrade some of the conditional secondary Chinese medicine hospitals to reach the third-level level, and promote some of the second-level Chinese medicine hospitals to reach the second-level level.


Jilin Province will encourage social capital to organize specialized medical institutions for Chinese medicine. Start a new round of five third-level Chinese medicine hospitals and nine county-level Chinese medicine hospitals counterpart support work. Establish a new patient-centered model of “primary diagnosis, two-way referral, rapid division and treatment, and up and down linkage”, and continue to strengthen the ability of basic Chinese medicine services.


This year, Jilin Province will launch the establishment of the National Advanced Unit for Basic Chinese Medicine (2016-2018), launch the community health service capacity improvement project, and further strengthen the traditional Chinese medicine service capacity of community health service institutions, which is oriented to the basic medical and health needs of residents. Continuously improve the functions of community Chinese medicine services, expand service content, highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, pay equal attention to both Chinese and Western medicine, and strengthen the effect of Chinese medicine and health management services for key populations and key diseases.