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How does Chinese medicine lead the international market?

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In the process of building a well-off society in an all-round way and implementing the "healthy China" strategy, the characteristic resources and professional brands of traditional Chinese medicine have an indispensable and irreplaceable role; with the wave of economic globalization and the call of the times, the exploration of the development of Chinese medicine The "five-step" model may help it fully integrate into the international market, presenting a new realm of "running" and "leading" on the stage of modern civilized society and history.


Both young and old should go in


Let Chinese medicine become a companion and guardian of people's life and health


The unique effect of traditional Chinese medicine in strengthening the body and prolonging life is unique in the world's medical forests. The dissemination and application of Chinese medicine knowledge has always been taught by both teachers and self-study. Its profound and profound professional knowledge should be extended to thousands of households and old people. The cultural connotation of young children, entering the family, entering the school, entering the screen, entering the community, entering the military camp, there are popular popular science readings, as well as the selection of various models of the school; both vocational education with the modern medicine, and Sustained broadcasts in various new media, especially with the help of "Internet +", the classification, segmentation and time-sharing of the series of "disease-proof treatment", "no disease prevention, disease prevention and prevention" and "Daude for medicine" series of traditional Chinese medicine In people's work and life, the formation of not only the education and popularization of medical professional knowledge, but the third and the third, the Chinese medicine culture has become a cultivation, improvement of personal qualities, and then become a compulsory, elective, must-use boutique to enhance the overall quality of the entire nation. Masterpieces, from which the essence is combined and benefited for life.


Integrate resources to go out


Let Chinese medicine become the creator and sharer of people's labor and civilization achievements


Facing the needs and prospects of the “One Belt, One Road” big market, in the new normal, we need synergy and pooling of resources, and adopt an effective model of government-led, market-oriented, equal-consultation, cluster agglomeration, multi-point multi-polar, and step-by-step implementation. The resource advantages of traditional Chinese medicine are integrated into the big circle of the international market to transform into industrial advantages, including scientific and large-scale planting in the primary industry; standardization and modernization in the secondary industry; Accurate and group-oriented services in the industry have made the source of power for the development of Chinese medicine competing.


Innovative features go up


Let Chinese medicine become a supporter and participant in the fight against the threat of disease and the creation of a better life in the future


With the changes in disease spectrum at home and abroad and the transformation of medical service models in recent years, Chinese medicine is facing unprecedented challenges. It requires both ancient and ancient, which requires emancipating the mind, breaking down barriers and portals, and targeting the world's medicine. Development goals and the frontier direction of professional discipline construction, constantly improve the mechanism, encourage exploration of innovation and entrepreneurship, form international standards and demonstrations, and accelerate the development of new theoretical achievements and practical results. In the market service of no one, no one, no one has the precise market power, and gather people into a tower, so that people of different skin colors, different languages ​​and different national borders can jointly experience the new contribution of Chinese medicine to overcome the disease threat and create a better life in the future.


Highlight the key and walk over


Let Chinese medicine become the practitioner and pioneer of equality, mutual assistance, cooperation and win-win in people's lives and production processes


In the period of peace and development, Chinese medicine must not only send suitable Chinese herbal medicines for cultivation in exotic countries, but also become a product not only homologous to food and medicine, but also a product to improve the living environment and beautify the natural environment. The special medical treatment technology and services of traditional Chinese medicine are sent out to spread and enjoy around the world, and actively cultivate various resources and backbone forces of localization, especially paying attention to one policy, one discussion, one person, human service, rules and regulations. The key links are actively integrated into the local society. They respect the local customs and customs, enjoy legal rights and enjoy the dignity they deserve, and embody the various potentials of Chinese medicine dosage form improvement and service improvement on the track of equality and mutual assistance and cooperation and mutual benefit.


Compatible and go on


Let Chinese medicine become the adherent and pioneer of modern civilization and medical science and technology progress


As China's unique health resources, huge economic resources, original scientific and technological resources, excellent cultural resources and important ecological resources, the Chinese medicine system must be guided by the five development concepts of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”. The industry is developing in an all-round way, paying more attention to the multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary integration of information engineering, genetics, biological environment, electro-optics, modern logistics, etc., to bring together the advantages and essences of modern medicine and other national medicines. Choice, step-by-step, targeted and inclusive and comprehensive promotion of the transformation of its achievements, in the field of modern civilization and medical science and technology advancement, Chinese medicine has become a rare adherent and pioneer.