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Complete coverage of Chinese medicine hospitals within 5 years of Jilin

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The reporter learned from the People's Government of Jilin Province that the "Opinions of the Jilin Provincial People's Government on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province" recently pointed out that by 2020, the construction of public Chinese medicine hospitals at or above the county level will be strengthened in an all-round way. All cities (states) All the counties (cities) have set up Chinese medicine hospitals and reached the corresponding level. The number of beds in TCM hospitals per thousand population reached 0.55.


Qiu Deliang, director of the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that in the next five years, Jilin will set up a Chinese medicine department and a Chinese pharmacy in a general hospital of the second level or above. The bed of Chinese medicine is no less than 5% of the total bed, promoting all community health service centers and township health. In the hospital, 75% of the village clinics can provide Chinese medicine services, so that the people can see Chinese medicine, convenient Chinese medicine, enjoy the traditional Chinese medicine health care, Chinese medicine old-age service, and get medical insurance, new rural cooperative reimbursement and other policies and benefits.


As a province with Chinese herbal medicine resources, Jilin Province also proposed to strengthen the protection of Chinese herbal medicine resources, standardized production and demonstration of Chinese herbal medicines, accelerate the technological innovation of Chinese herbal medicine production, strengthen the quality assurance system for Chinese herbal medicine production and the organization, production and circulation service system of Chinese herbal medicines. Construction; by 2020, the province's Chinese herbal medicine industry (planting, breeding and primary processing) will achieve an output value of 100 billion yuan, becoming an important part of the pharmaceutical health pillar industry.


Qiu Deliang said that Jilin will increase its investment in building a team of Chinese medicine professionals, promote the education of Chinese medicine practitioners, promote the "Traditional Chinese Medicine" training project, establish a talent introduction mechanism, reform the talent evaluation mechanism, and create 10,000 basic Chinese medicine practitioners, 1,000 Chinese medicine practitioners and 100 provinces. The name of the famous Chinese medicine practitioners and the ten national name Chinese medicine practitioners solve the problem of lack of high-level talents and the lack of grassroots Chinese medicine talents, and provide talent guarantee for the development of Chinese medicine.