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Zixin Yuanyuan was officially authorized by Changbai Mountain Ginseng brand

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On January 18, 2018, the “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” brand authorization ceremony was held in Changchun. 37 "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand product manufacturers and 134 brand products, including Zixin Chuyuan, were officially authorized by the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand.

After many years of development, the Changbai Mountain Ginseng brand in Jilin has become very competitive. In 2017, the “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” brand stood out with a brand value of 19.048 billion yuan, ranking first in the “2017 China Agricultural Products Regional Public Brand Value” Top 100 list. The ginseng companies selected for the “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” brand in Jilin, China, are ginseng companies that meet the standards, form a certain scale of production, and have a certain market influence.

Zixin Yuanyuan will join other ginseng companies to develop through a unified new brand image and reopen the road to revitalization of the Jilin ginseng industry!