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Jilin Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care is included in the key development areas of new consumption

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Recently, the Jilin Provincial Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on Actively Exploring the Role of New Consumption to Accelerate the Cultivation of New Supply and New Motive Forces”, including the rehabilitation of medical care and the rehabilitation of Chinese medicine in the promotion of key areas of new consumption.


The "Opinions" proposes to reduce the medical expenses of residents, with special emphasis on "improving the ability of Chinese medicine services". Qiu Deliang, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that improving the service capacity of Chinese medicine is the primary development of Chinese medicine. task. The provincial government has included the 13th Five-Year Plan for Chinese Medicine in one of the 18 key special programs in the province.


In addition, the "Opinions" proposes to develop and expand the ginseng industrial parks such as Fusong, Ji'an and Changbai, to make the "Changbai Mountain Ginseng" brand, and accelerate the construction of Chinese medicinal materials and other breeding and processing bases. Promote large-scale and standardized production of modern Chinese medicine, authentic medicinal materials and endangered scarce medicines.