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The seventh annual meeting of ISO/TC249 opens, two Chinese medicine projects will be discussed

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On June 6, the seventh annual meeting of ISO/TC249 was held in Rome, Italy. The meeting announced that David GRAHAM of Australia continued to serve as the chairman of ISO/TC249. Professor Shen Yuandong of China served as the vice chairman and Professor Sang Zhen as the secretary general. A total of 200 representatives from 13 countries including China, Australia, Canada, and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and the World Federation of Acupuncture Associations attended the meeting to discuss nearly 60 standard projects.


The conference was hosted by the Italian Institute of Paracelsus (Istituto Paracelso) and co-organized by Fitochina Italia. The Chinese delegation consists of nearly 100 experts from universities, research institutes, enterprises and government agencies, and is led by Zhu Haidong, deputy director of the International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Italian Health Ministry official Ranieri GUERRA and Chinese Embassy in Italy Cao Jianye Counselor attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


It is reported that the Gegen powder quality standard project submitted through the World China Union Channel this year and the Chinese medicine decocting service project submitted last year will be discussed at this meeting. The World Federation of China is the ISO/TC249 Level A Liaison Organization and can directly propose proposals. In order for the standard proposal to effectively serve the Chinese medicine trade, the World Federation of China will strengthen its efforts to continue to support Chinese medicine companies to submit proposals through the World Affiliate's A-level communication channels and participate in international standardization activities.