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Jilin innovative Chinese medicine research project and management model

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From the 2016 Jilin Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Project Training Course, it was learned that in order to implement the “Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province”, the province proposed to break the inherent research and management model and provide scientific research for accelerating the development of Chinese medicine. Power support.


The province will increase investment and increase the research and development of Chinese medicine. Starting from 2016, the Science and Technology Project of the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been changed from the original two years to once a year. Up to now, a total of 203 Chinese medicine science and technology projects have been established, with an investment of about 1.7 million yuan, which is the largest investment in the province's Chinese Medicine Administration.


The province will focus on innovative research and development models to support grassroots and youth research. In the "2016 Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Project Application Guide", three categories of commissioned projects, funded projects and self-raised projects will be set up, so that the research projects will be focused and expanded, which will not only help the results but also the talent team; The policy of grassroots scientific research is tilted. In the evaluation of science and technology projects, the provincial Chinese Medicine Administration will allocate the number of projects in the same proportion, so that the cities and states that have applied for the project will receive the project of the provincial bureau and have no blank spots.


Standardize scientific research management and implement a credit file system. Issued the "Circular on the Acceptance of Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Projects", and made a report on the unfinished task team and its undertakers, and included them in the scientific research integrity file. It is not allowed to apply to the Jilin Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration within 3 years. Any research project.