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Liu Yandong: Increase the promotion of traditional medicine

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The National Health and Family Planning Commission held the second China-Central and Eastern European National Health Ministers Forum in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province from June 19 to 20, with the theme of “Deepening Health and Practical Cooperation and Promoting Healthy and Sustainable Development”.


Vice Premier Liu Yandong, Czech Republic Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Hungarian Human Resources Minister Benki Ritwari, Jiangsu Governor Shi Taifeng and WHO Representative in China Shi Hede attended the opening ceremony of the forum and Speech.


Liu Yandong pointed out that "16+1 cooperation" has opened up a new way for the development of China's relations with traditional friendly countries, and has now entered the maturity and early harvest period. This year is the China-Central and Eastern Europe Humanities Exchange Year. The health cooperation momentum is strong, which has injected new impetus into the "16+1 cooperation." She said that it is necessary to make the Health Ministers Forum a highlight of cooperation, improve the institutionalization level of health cooperation, and jointly research scientific research on antibiotic resistance prevention and control, advanced medical technology and drug research and development, increase the promotion of traditional medicine, and promote professionalism. People learn from each other and work together to benefit the people of China and Central and Eastern Europe.


Liu Yandong met with the principals of the delegations attending the forum and witnessed the establishment of the China-Central and Eastern European Countries Association for the Promotion of Health Cooperation, the Hospital Cooperation Alliance, and the public health institution cooperation mechanism with Bohuslav Sobotka. He visited the China Health Achievement Exhibition, the Hospital Style Exhibition, the Traditional Medicine Exhibition and the China-Central and Eastern European Countries Health Cooperation Achievement Exhibition.


Bohuslav Sobotka said that Chinese medicine is becoming more and more popular around the world. In the Czech Republic, the Chinese Medicine Center, supported by the two governments and established by the Czech Heck State Hospital and the Shuguang Hospital affiliated to the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, became the first Chinese medicine center in Central and Eastern Europe, prompting the two countries to cooperate in the field of Chinese medicine. In the Czech Republic, traditional medicine featuring spa treatment has been treated by more than 80 children with respiratory diseases in China. It is believed that there will be more cooperation in the traditional medicine field.


"The concept of Chinese medicine treatment is very worthy of our study. The Hungarian people like it very much." Benchi Ritwari said that Chinese traditional medicine has thousands of years of treatment experience and should be fully utilized. In order to promote the development of Chinese medicine in Hungary, the Hungarian government has passed a series of laws to allow Chinese medicine practitioners to practice medicine legally. He revealed that Hungary will also establish a Chinese medicine center that integrates Chinese medicine education, diagnosis and treatment, and research and development.


Participants discussed the five major issues of public hospital cooperation, public health cooperation, and traditional Chinese medicine. Li Bin, director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, invited the Ministers of Health of the Central and Eastern European countries to attend the "Health Minister Roundtable".