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Liuhe County Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau strengthens measures to promote the development of ginseng industry

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In order to comprehensively promote the development of characteristic agricultural industry, Liuhe County insists on developing agricultural production with industrialization and project concept. In accordance with the idea of ​​“building bases, grasping projects, and branding”, the ginseng industry will be vigorously developed according to local conditions and scientific layout.


First, do a good job in industrial planning and layout. In order to better promote the development of the industry, we conducted on-the-spot investigations on the development of ginseng industry in the county, and visited the growers, combined with the actual situation, and developed the ginseng industry according to local conditions, and decided to use Ankou Town, Xiangyang Town, Hongshi Town and Liunan Township. Focusing on the southwestern towns and villages such as Sanyuanpu Town and Liangshui Town, relying on the state-owned forest farms, the forests are used to plant the forest ginseng. At the same time, taking Shixing Village of Xiangyang Town and Wuxing Village of Jiangjiadian Township as demonstrations, moderately and steadily carry out non-forestry ginseng production trials, explore more mature techniques of ginseng planting, ensure the quality and safety of ginseng, and gradually solve the problem of reducing the resources of participating land.


The second is to promote the establishment of ginseng production bases. Guided by the potential market, predicting market development efforts, focusing on building Tonghua Medical City, actively promoting Zixin and Tianqiang Pharmaceutical to form their own ginseng production base, and relying on research institutes and foreign pharmaceutical factories to strive for capital and technology investment for construction. The ginseng standardization base has laid a solid foundation.


The third is to rely on the construction of the project to increase the intensity of ginseng product development. Focusing on Zixin Pharmaceutical and Tianqiang Pharmaceutical, the ginseng-based product development work with ginseng as the main raw material was increased, the processing capacity was improved, and the scientific and technological content was increased. The “Ginseng Royal Jelly” produced by Tianqiang Company was awarded the “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” brand. Products, annual sales income of 10 million yuan, and for six consecutive years to apply for ginseng deep product development projects, the cumulative provincial financial subsidy of 4.61 million yuan. At present, it is planning to apply for the “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” brand series products of Zixin Pharmaceutical to lay the foundation for project declaration.


The fourth is to strengthen scientific and technological training and broaden communication channels. Combining the status quo of the development of ginseng industry in the county, strengthening the technical training for the existing ginseng employees, organizing the technical staff of the county peasant specialty service center, organizing training courses, on-site observation and other colorful teaching methods, organizing the peasants to organize and carry out technology Training, training talents for the modernization of ginseng industry, enhancing the scientific development level of ginseng industry, and broadening the communication channels between participating farmers. At the same time, actively coordinate the cooperation between enterprises and planting households and provincial research institutes, so that ginseng will be updated in new varieties and new technologies, and provide technical support for the modernization of ginseng industry in Liuhe County.