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"Spring Broadcasting Action" is committed to the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine at the grassroots level

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In the 4 years since the launch of the "Spring Broadcasting Action" of the Chinese Medicine Association, more than 80,000 primary Chinese medicine practitioners have been trained. On July 17th, in the "Spring Broadcasting Action Forum" held in Beijing, the "Spring Broadcasting Action" Chinese medicine inheritance activity was launched and will be explored in the grassroots. The “teachers and apprentices” model for the training of medical talents will improve the ability of basic doctors for clinical diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and thus improve the health of grassroots people.


On July 2nd this year, the Chinese Medicine Association of China established the "Spring Broadcasting Action Traditional Chinese Medicine Heritage Expert Group", and Tang Xudong, Dean of Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, served as the leader of the inheritance expert group, inheriting the activities in the traditional "one division with many disciples" On the basis of improvement, the inheritance model of “collective belt and collective” will be established. The instructors and trainees are divided into several groups. The instructors of each group are formed by six experts from different research directions. The trainees will provide guidance to ensure that the comprehensive ability of the primary doctors can be comprehensively improved to further improve their medical service capabilities and levels.


Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and president of the Chinese Medicine Association, attended the forum and said that the grassroots level is the main front for Chinese medicine services and the foundation for the survival and development of Chinese medicine. As early as 2012, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other five departments jointly launched the grassroots Chinese medicine service capacity improvement project, and since the launch of the "Spring Broadcasting Action" in 2012, it has done a lot in the training of basic Chinese medicine professionals and appropriate technology promotion. Work to make positive contributions to improving the ability of basic Chinese medicine services. Focusing on how to further improve the ability of traditional Chinese medicine services at the grassroots level, Wang Guoqiang pointed out that it is necessary to innovate the training mode of basic Chinese medicine talents; second, to innovate the appropriate technology promotion mechanism for Chinese medicine; and third, to innovate the new mechanism for popularization and continuing education of Chinese medicine.


In the 4 years since the "Spring Broadcasting Action" of the Chinese Medicine Association, 595 training sessions for junior Chinese medicine application and 52,836 trainees have been completed; 229 training courses for secondary Chinese medicine application technology and 22,642 trainees have been trained; 70 advanced training courses for third-grade Peking University 4,790 trainees, 33 Chinese medicine professional technical training courses, and 1,827 trainees. “Spring Broadcasting Action” is divided into technical training group and clinical research group. It has established a “five-level” training system for primary, higher, advanced, professional and continuing education to promote the appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine for the majority of primary medical personnel as the entry point to the grassroots level. The doctors conducted organized, planned, and targeted training. The training content is rich, from transdermal technology to traditional Chinese medicine pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, from basic Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine to breathing, spleen and stomach, cardiovascular, diabetes; from physical theory to orthopedics, acupuncture, massage, including drug warning, rational use of drugs And related training in Chinese medicine policy.


The forum was hosted by the Chinese Medicine Association, sponsored by Yabao Pharmaceutical, and supported by the China Association for Science and Technology. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Xiao Peigen, Vice President of the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine Cao Zhengxuan, Xu Qiang, Deputy Director of the Service Center of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, Ren Wuxian, Chairman of the National People's Congress and Chairman of the Yabao Pharmaceutical Group, and nearly 100 medical, educational and scientific research institutions in Beijing Experts and more than 5,000 grassroots doctor representatives from all over the country attended the forum.