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Grasping the power of innovation, promoting the development of revitalization

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On July 23, the 4th Shuhuang Forum, with the theme of “Strengthening Academic Leadership and Promoting Inheritance and Innovation”, was held in Beijing. Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and president of the Chinese Medicine Association, attended the opening ceremony and pointed out that the driving force for innovation should be firmly grasped to promote the development of Chinese medicine.


Wang Guoqiang said that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the state has deeply implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development, established the concept of innovation and development, and has attached unprecedented importance to technological innovation, speed of advancement, and reform, opening up a new realm of innovation and development in China. The National Science and Technology Innovation Conference held in May this year sounded the assembly number of moving towards an innovative country and building a world of science and technology.


Focusing on how to “strengthen academic leadership and promote inheritance and innovation”, Wang Guoqiang put forward four requirements: First, firmly grasp the fundamentals of inheritance, consolidate the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine innovation, promote scientific and technological innovation of Chinese medicine, and lead academic development. Second, firmly grasp innovation. This driving force promotes the development of Chinese medicine, strengthens innovation, strengthens collaborative innovation, strengthens supply innovation, focuses on meeting the needs of the people, plays a key role in the innovation of Chinese medicine science and technology, expands the supply of Chinese medicine health services, and provides services to the people. More products, technologies that can be seen, touched, and used; Third, we must firmly grasp this mission, enhance the service capabilities of the Institute, further strengthen the guidance, supervision and service of academic activities, and steadily improve the academics of Chinese medicine. The quality and level of communication, give full play to the important role of active academic thinking, enlighten innovative thinking, promote knowledge production, and launch original achievements; Fourth, we must firmly grasp the innovation of science and science, meet the health needs of the people, and put science popularization and technological innovation. Equally important location.


At the meeting, Liu Xingping, deputy director of the academic department of the China Association for Science and Technology, introduced the relevant situation of organizing scientific and technological workers to carry out “innovation first action”, demanded to stimulate the innovation and creativity of science and technology workers, and affirmed the work of the Chinese Medicine Association in recent years.


At the main venue, Academician Chen Kaixian of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Guangrong, the master of Chinese medicine, and Academician Huang Yiqi, the executive vice president of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, respectively, entitled "Innovative Development of Precision Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine", "Inheritance of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Core Project to Enhance the Service Capability of Traditional Chinese Medicine" The keynote report on "The Status Quo and Development Strategy of Chinese Medicine Resources". Tu Zhiliang, Chairman and President of Gushengtang and Executive Director of the Chinese Medicine Association, introduced the experience of social capital innovation and development in the field of Chinese medicine.


Eight sub-forums such as the forums of the world’s celebrities and the Youth Outstanding Chinese Medicine Talents Forum were held concurrently. This year’s new WeChat Forum will summarize the views of the members of the Forum’s organization, the club’s directors, and representatives of private Chinese medicine on the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine.


The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Ma Jianzhong, deputy director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and vice chairman of the Chinese Medicine Association. Academician Zhang Boli, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master of Medicine, Yan Enxiang, Vice President of the Chinese Medicine Association, Cao Zhengxuan, and Director of the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tu Zhitao, attended more than 1,000 experts and scholars.


The forum was hosted by the Chinese Medicine Association and co-organized by the Gushengtang Traditional Chinese Medicine Chain Group. It was supported by Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jichuan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and Anhui Zhangzhou Zhejing Traditional Chinese Medicine Pieces Co., Ltd.