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Comments | Chinese medicine heritage, do not forget the important forces of the people

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At the China (Macau) Traditional Medicine International Cooperation Forum held recently, Sun Guangrong, a master of Chinese medicine, pointed out that the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine determine the necessity and importance of inheritance. Only inheritance can retain the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine; only inheritance can preserve the genes and lifeblood of Chinese culture. The author believes that the importance of inheriting the development of Chinese medicine is not to be forgotten. This is also the key to grasping the inheritance of Chinese medicine.


One of the folks, one medicine and one method are all important sources of Chinese medicine development. Folk Chinese medicine has become an important force for inheriting Chinese medicine. However, in recent years, a major problem that plagues private Chinese medicine is also passed down. Because of the legal status and inheritance of private Chinese medicine. Restrictions, most young people do not have the will to inherit the clothes, the inheritance of folk Chinese medicine is facing a "breaking" situation, many private Chinese medicine practitioners have a high age, and Chinese medicine skills are facing the danger of "missing", so the inheritance of Chinese medicine in the inheritance of Chinese medicine is The essential. Only by providing a relaxed and orderly development environment for the inheritance of private Chinese medicine can more Chinese medicine practitioners be passed on from generation to generation and promote the prosperity and sustainable development of Chinese medicine.


In recent years, the shortage of Chinese medicine professionals is an important factor restricting the development of Chinese medicine. In the training of folk Chinese medicine talents, we should pay attention to teacher education, adopt traditional "teachers and apprentices, wait for doctors and confession, and pass on the heart", sign traditional medical division contract, strictly define the duties of teachers and teachers, and focus on clinical consultation methods. The staff will master the clinical experience of the instructor as soon as possible in the clinical. In the process of inheritance, students should gradually start from the most basic medicine, nickname, adjustment, and generation of decoction, so that the inheritor theory can be linked to reality, dialectical treatment, key thinking, analysis and summary, and learning and utilization.


In selecting folk Chinese medicine inheritors, we should break the old example of traditional Chinese medicine "father biography" and "relative biography". We are always committed to helping the students who want to learn Chinese medicine and want to understand Chinese medicine. As long as they have a strong interest in Chinese medicine, there is a strong interest in Chinese medicine. Certain Chinese medicine foundation, flexible thinking, and respectable teachers can be selected as inheritors. This has greatly expanded the scope of the inheritors, allowing more people to better understand the essence of Chinese traditional wisdom, inheriting Chinese medicine, and also allowing the old-fashioned medical skills and cultural spirit to spread to more places and benefit more people. And can really cultivate a group of private Chinese medicine professionals who are diligent and diligent in clinical practice.


The inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine is a long-term and arduous process. The origin of Chinese medicine is in the private sector. The practice of folk is the source of traditional Chinese medicine. We should strive to excavate, research and promote these traditional Chinese medicine treatment techniques for the benefit of the wider people. Under the joint efforts of small private Chinese medicine organizations, with the responsibility of inheriting Chinese medicine, developing Chinese medicine, and promoting Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine will be able to integrate into the new pattern and benefit the society and serve the people.